White Trash Jesus Mentally Stable?

Forrest Gordon Clark: (Mugshot courtesy Orange County Sheriff’s Department; Buddy Christ courtesy of View Askew Productions)

Yes, it is entirely possible that Forrest Gordon Clark, (aka White Trash Jesus), the man who allegedly set fire to Holy Jim Canyon and thinks that Nabisco crackers are sending him telepathic messages is mentally stable. Today, Clark appeared in OC Superior Court after one doctor evaluating Clark’s mental stability declared him fit to stand trial, and another deemed him mentally unfit. With Judge Michael Murray presiding, Clark’s defenders requested that a third doctor–Dr. Ryan Jordan– be called in to break the tie, and ultimately decide if Clark will be tried in criminal court or will be sent to a state mental health facility. The next hearing on Clark’s competency is set for November 28.

Clark’s public defenders also requested a discovery motion from Judge Murray. The defense is asking the District Attorney’s (DA) prosecutors to hand over some crucial but common info, including information on witnesses, prior criminal history on the defendant, information on expert witnesses, and reports from the crime scene. All this information is typically handed over by the DA’s office, and as of now there’s no reason to believe otherwise.

The question at hand–other than the obvious question of who could possibly declare White Trash Jesus sane–is whether or not the DA will seek to press additional charges against Clark now that the total destruction of the Holy Fire has been tallied. In total, the Holy fire burned roughly 23,000 acres of the Cleveland National Forest, destroyed 18 structures in Orange and Riverside Counties, and caused three non-fatal injuries to fire crews.

A prosecutor from the DA’s office told The Weekly, “It’s always an option to file additional charges, but as of now the DA is not seeking any.” Clark is currently detained at OC Jail on $1 million bail.

A former neighbor of Clark’s told The Weekly that she’s not buying Clark’s insanity.

“If he doesn’t want to go to jail he’ll fake being crazy,” our source said. “If they put him in a mental ward, I hope they put him in a maximum security one because he’ll find a way out. He’s crazy, but not as crazy as he’s acting.”

The source went on to state that Clark made multiple death threats to his Holy Jim neighbors before August’s fire, and that Clark’s feud with Frank R.–the man who prosecutors believe was the target of an arson attack by Clark–was overblown by the media.

“Forrest’s feud was within Forrest himself. He’s at war with himself,” said the source. Unfortunately, anyone living near the Santa Ana Mountains was dragged into Clark’s feud. In some ways I agree with Clark’s neighbor. Today in court, Clark stood silently in his orange jumpsuit behind the iron bars in Courtroom C-58. Unlike his other appearances there were no outbursts about being able to pay $1 million cash for his release, or claims that he could channel psychic energy from the air around him. Maybe OC Jail has medicated Clark in a haze of anti-psychotic tranquilizers, or maybe he’s finally come to grips with the gravity of his alleged crime. 

Our sympathy goes out to anyone hurt by the fire, anyone who lost property, and everyone else who’d been emotionally burned by White Trash Jesus and the Holy Fire.

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