Fly Away and Be Free [Special Screenings, June 14-21]

Brothers of the Wind. Photo courtesy Terra Mater Film Studio

Ghost Stories. Professor Phillip Goodman (Andy Nyman, who also co-directed and co-wrote with Jeremy Dyson) exposes phony psychics and “supernatural” hooey on his television show. His skepticism is put to the test with the cases of an abandoned asylum’s night watchman (Paul Whitehouse) haunted by disturbing visions; an edgy young man (Alex Lawther) involved in a hellish car accident deep in the woods; and a wealthy former banker (Martin Freeman) visited by the spirit of his unborn child. The Frida Cinema, 305 E. Fourth St., Santa Ana; Thurs., June 14, 4:30, 7:30 & 9:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Xanadu. MenAlive Orange County Gay Men’s Chorus presents a fundraiser screening of Robert Greenwald’s 1980 roller-disco musical. A struggling LA artist (Michael Beck) meets the girl (Olivia Newton-John) who may hold the key to his happiness. Screen legend Gene Kelley also stops by. Experience the pop-culture nightmare I endured as a 19-year-old! The Frida Cinema; Thurs., June 14, 7 p.m. $15.

Rifftrax Live: Space Mutiny. Mike, Kevin and Bill riff wise (and live) while they along with you watch a very bad, very cheesy sci-fi epic. We’re talking bad/cheesy as in Spandex, tin foil, AstroTurf floors, extremely lame special effects and oh-so-poor acting. AMC Downtown Disney, 1565 Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, (714) 776-2355; AMC Orange 30 at the Outlets, 20 City Blvd. W., Orange, (714) 769-4288; AMC Tustin Legacy at the District, 2457 Park Ave., Tustin, (714) 258-7036; Cinemark Century Stadium 25, 1701 W. Katella Ave., Orange, (714) 532-9558; Cinemark Century 20 Huntington Beach, 7777 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach, (800) 967-1932; Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20, 26701 Aliso Creek Rd., Aliso Viejo, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Big Newport 6, 300 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Brea Stadium West 10, 255 W. Birch St., Brea, (714) 672-4136; Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, 65 Fortune Dr., Irvine, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26, 7501 E. Carson, Long Beach, (844) 462-7342; Thurs., June 14, 8 p.m. (live); Tues., 7:30 p.m. (taped). $12.50.

Brothers of the Wind. Gerardo Olivares’ inspiring Austrian release has a 14-year-old (Manuel Camacho) nurturing a wounded baby eagle he encounters. Jean Reno (Léon: The Professional) co-stars. The Frida Cinema; Fri. & Wed.-Thurs., June 20-21, 11:30 a.m., 1:30 & 3:30 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 10 a.m.; Mon.-Tues., 11:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.; $7-$10.

Phantom Thread. The Directors Series tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson continues with his most recent film, the 2017 rom-dram that earned a sixth Oscar nomination for Daniel Day-Lewis, who claimed it would be his final movie. He plays a world-renowned dressmaker and confirmed bachelor whose life in post-war London is upended by a strong-willed woman (Vicky Krieps). Lesley Manville co-stars. The Frida Cinema; Fri., 5:30, 8 & 10 p.m.; Sat., noon, 2:45 & 5:30 p.m.; Sun., noon & 2:45 p.m. $7-$10.

The Big Lebowski. Photo courtesy Gramercy Pictures

The Big Lebowski. It turns out you did not have to drive to Lebowski Fest Los Angeles on May 25 for a 20th-anniversary showing of the trippy-dippy 1998 Coen Brothers’ classic on a big screen. Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is mistaken for millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski (David Huddleston) by goons sent to collect money from the mogul. The Dude is later hired by “the big” Lebowski to deliver a ransom to the kidnappers of his trophy wife (Tara Reid). John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Elliott, David Thewlis, Ben Gazzara, Peter Stormare, Torsten Voges and Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea co-star. The Frida Cinema; Fri., 6 & 8 p.m.; Sat., 5:30 & 8 p.m.; Tues., 4 & 10 p.m. $7-$10.

Wonder Woman. It’s back-to-back screenings of the 2017 smash-hit comic-book action-adventure flick about Diana (Gal Gadot), an Amazonian warrior in training, who leaves home to fight a war—and discovers her full powers and destiny. Attendees of the Source OC’s Outdoor Movie Night can take advantage of coupons and discounts to neighboring stores and eateries, but movie seating is first-come, first-served. The Source OC, 6940 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, (714) 521-8858; Fri., 7 p.m. Free; also at Beachfront Cinema at Huntington State Beach, Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach; Sat., 5 p.m. $9-$49.99.

Dr. Suess’ The Lorax. Animated trifle about a 12-year-old boy (Zac Efron) who must learn about his world’s creature protector the Lorax (Danny DeVito) to win the affections of a girl (Taylor Swift), who will no doubt write a damning song about the boy after they break up. Lake Forest Sports Park, 28000 Rancho Pkwy., Lake Forest; Fri., 7:30 p.m. Free.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror. OC Weekly’s Friday Night Freakouts entry is writer/director James Nguyen’s tender love story/graphic horror shocker/urgent ecological warning from 2010. A sexy lingerie model (Whitney Moore) and successful software salesman (Alan Bagh) are on a romantic weekend getaway to a quaint Northern California town when the entire region is attacked by millions of homicidal birds. Paging Hitch! The Frida Cinema; Fri., 11 p.m.; Sat., 9:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Singin’ In the Rain. Photo courtesy MGM

Singin’ In the Rain. MGM’s lauded 1952 musical rom-com spoofs the crossover from silent films to talkies. Gene Kelly, who co-directed with Stanley Donnen, also stars with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. The Frida Cinema; Sat., 11:30 a.m., 2 & 4:30 p.m.; Sun., 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30 & 7 p.m.; Mon., 3:30, 6 & 8:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Despicable Me 3. The animated 2017 hit has the Minions wantng back their old crime boss, the fired Gru (voiced by Steve Carrell), but he considers himself retired as he travels to Freedonia to meet his long-lost twin brother. Bring your own blanket to protect the indoor-gymnasium floor. Food is available, but you can also bring your own. City Gym and Pool, 1600 Palm Ave., Huntington Beach, (714) 960-8884. Sat., doors open, 7:15 p.m.; screening, 8 p.m. Free.

Ferdinand. John Cena and Kate McKinnon supply voices for Carlos Saldanha’s 2017 animated Disney hit about a bull trying to escape from his captors to avoid a date with El Primero, a famous bullfighter who never loses. Eastside Community Park, 5400 Eastside Circle, Yorba Linda, (714) 961-7100. Sat., 8 p.m. Free.

The Jungle Book. It’s the 2016, live-action (well, live action against a green screen) version of Disney’s animated classic with a new Mowgli (Neel Sethi) and—as Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther and Shere Khan the tiger, respectively—the voices of Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley and Idris Elba. Carbon Canyon Regional Park, 4442 Carbon Canyon Rd., Brea, (714) 973-3160. Sat., 8 p.m. Free; free parking beginning at 6 p.m.

There Will Be Blood. The Directors Series focusing on Paul Thomas Anderson continues with this sweeping 2007 epic that stars Daniel Day-Lewis in an Oscar-winning performance as a miner who literally goes from rags to riches after striking oil. But where similar characters have been portrayed as having hearts of gold, Day-Lewis’ Daniel Plainview has a heart as black as black gold. The Frida Cinema; Sat., 8 p.m. $7-$10.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The pioneering midnight movie starts with the car of sweethearts Brad and Janet (Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon) breaking down near the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry). The transvestite scientist’s home also hosts a rocking biker (Meat Loaf), a creepy butler (Richard O’Brien) and assorted freaks, including a hunk of beefcake named “Rocky.” Shadow cast Midnight Insanity performs in front of the screen. Art Theatre, 2025 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, (562) 438-5435. Sat., 11:55 p.m. $8.50-$11.50.

Pom Poko. Image courtesy Studio Ghibli

Pom Poko. Studio Ghibli Fest 2018 continues with Isao Takahata’s action-packed, ecological-anime fable about the clash between nature and human civilization. Tanuki (raccoon dogs) find their fun-loving Tama Hills woodlands threatened by encroaching developers, so they learn the ancient art of shape-shifting to scare off humans. AMC Orange 30 at the Outlets, (714) 769-4288; Cinemark Century Stadium 25, (714) 532-9558; Cinemark Century 20 Huntington Beach, (714) 373-4573; Cinemark at the Pike Theaters, 99 S. Pine Ave., Long Beach, (562) 435-5754; Edwards Big Newport 6, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26, (844) 462-7342; Sun., 12:55 p.m. (English-language dubbed); Mon., 7 p.m. (Japanese with English subtitles); Wed., 7 p.m. (dubbed). $12.50.

Magnolia. The Directors Series tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson continues with his 1999 film, which I was really digging. Then large amphibians started falling from the sky. Then I LOVED it! The collection of intersecting LA stories brings to mind Robert Altman’s Short Cuts, only Magnolia is darker. And froggier. Oscar-nominated Tom Cruise plays a sexist motivational speaker, Jason Robards portrays his dying dad, and John C. Reilly shines as a sentimental beat cop. The Frida Cinema; Mon.-Tues., 12:30, 4 & 8 p.m. $7-$10.

Yanni: Live At the Acropolis. It’s a 25th-anniversary screening of the concert flick, which has been restored cinematically and sonically to pristine elevator-music quality. The Frida Cinema; Tues., 7 p.m. $7-$10.

Harold and Maude. Hal Ashby’s 1971 cult classic is about Harold (Bud Cort), a young man who is so obsessed with death that he stages fake suicides, drives a hearse and attends funerals of people he did not know. Harold’s outlook changes when he meets Maude (Ruth Gordon), an effervescent 79-year-old woman who loves life. How could these two crazy kids not fall head over support hose? Directors Cut Cinema at Regency Rancho Niguel, 25471 Rancho Niguel Rd., Laguna Niguel, (949) 831-0446. Tues., 7:30 p.m. $8.

Andy Irons: Kissed By God. Surfing champ Andy Irons’ struggles with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction are covered in this documentary. Regency Lido Theater, 3459 Via Lido, Newport Beach, (949) 673-8350. Wed.-Thurs., June 20-21. Call for show times and ticket prices.

Superman II. Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. To honor the recently passed Margot Kidder, who was a Hollywood It Girl when she played spunky reporter Lois Lane in one of the first blockbuster movie franchises based on a comic book, the original director’s cut of the 1980 sequel rolls. That’s “original” as in Richard Donner, who directed the 1978 classic Superman, originally helmed the follow-up before he was fired in favor of Richard Lester. This version of II, which was re-edited in 2006, restores much of the Donner footage. The Frida Cinema; Wed.-Thurs., June 20-21, noon, 2:30, 5:15 & 7:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Serenity. Interstellar Adventures: Weekly Movies for Teens presents Joss Whedon’s 2005 sci-fi adventure, which picks up where his TV series Firefly left off. Nathan Fillion stars as a hardened veteran captain on the losing end of a galactic war. To scrape by, he pulls off small crimes and transport-for-hire on his ship, Serenity, but the ol’ skipper may have met his match after welcoming aboard two fugitives of the universe’s dominate coalition that will stop at nothing to capture them. Fullerton Public Library, 353 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, (714) 738-6327. Wed., 4 p.m. Free.

The Met: Live in HD: Madama Butterfly. It’s a summer-encore screening of Anthony Minghella’s breathtaking stage production that premiered in 2006. Soprano Kristine Opolais sings a title role she is world-renowned for, and Roberto Alagna sings the naval officer who breaks Butterfly’s heart. The Puccini opera is sung in Italian (duh) with English subtitles. Cinemark Century Stadium 25, (714) 532-9558; Cinemark Century 20 Huntington Beach, (714) 373-4573; Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20, (844) 462-7342; Wed., 1 p.m.; also at those theaters and AMC Tustin Legacy at the District, (714) 258-7036; Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, (844) 462-7342. Wed 7 p.m. $12.50.

Justice League. Bring your family, friends and a lawn chair to watch Zack Snyder’s 2017 sci-fi fantasy from the DC universe under the stars. The unprecedented team of Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Mamoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the Flash (Ezra Miller) forms to try to save the planet from a catastrophic assault. Elks Lodge 1952, 11551 Trask Ave., Garden Grove, (714) 741-5200. Wed., activities, 6 p.m.; screening, 8:30 p.m. Free.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Classic Film Wednesday rolls Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 political-satire black comedy, which is loosely based on Peter George’s thriller novel Red Alert. An unhinged U.S. Air Force general (George C. Scott) orders the first nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. The President of the United States (Peter Sellers), his advisers, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a Royal Air Force officer (also Sellers) try to recall the bombers to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. Great comic performances are turned in by Slim Pickens, as the leader of a B-52 bomber trying to deliver its payload, and Sellers (again!) as the title character. In 1989, the United States Library of Congress included Strangelove in the first group of films selected for preservation in the National Film Registry, and it was No. 3 on AFI’s 100 Years . . . 100 Laughs list (deservedly so). Regency South Coast Village, 1561 W. Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, (714) 557-5701. Wed., 7:30 p.m. $9.

Mean Girls. Photo courtesy Paramount Pictures

Mean Girls. It’s an Orange County LGBT Pride 2018 benefit screening of the 2004 teen comedy that is not to be confused with the recent Broadway hit musical based on it. Tina Fey adapted both from Rosalind Wiseman’s 2002 New York Times best-seller Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and Other Realities of Adolescence. In the movie, Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is welcomed into her new high school’s cool-girl clique—until she falls for the ex-boyfriend of click leader Regina (Rachel McAdams). The Frida Cinema; Wed., 8 p.m. $15.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The Steven Spielberg sci-fi classic is about a suburban dad (Richard Dreyfus) who is visited by extraterrestrial intelligence, then plays with his mashed potatoes. Speaking of snacks, attendees are encouraged to bring their own—covered beverages, too—but alcohol is not allowed. Fullerton Public Library, (714) 738-6327. Thurs., June 21, 1 p.m. Free.

Cars 3. Orange Public Library Foundation’s Family Film Festival continues in the air-conditioned Community Room with the Disney/Pixar computer-animated franchise flick. You’ll recall in the original that an up-and-comer race car (voiced by Owen Wilson) reluctantly let an old stock car (Paul Newman) mentor him. In Cars 3, Wilson’s Lightning McQueen is the old-timer. Popcorn and snacks are available for purchase. Orange Public Library, 407 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, (714) 288-2400. Thurs., June 21, 2 p.m. Free.

Drum Corps At the Cinema: 2018 DCI Tour Premiere. The eighth-annual event features six of the top ensembles of Marching Music’s Major League in performances broadcast live into movie theaters nationwide. AMC Orange 30 at the Outlets, (714) 769-4288; Cinemark Century Stadium 25, (714) 532-9558; Cinemark Century 20 Huntington Beach, (714) 373-4573; Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Brea Stadium West 10, (714) 672-4136; Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, (844) 462-7342; Edwards Long Beach Stadium 26, (844) 462-7342; Thurs., June 21, 5:30 p.m. $15.

The Square. Film Night features the social/art-world comedy/stinging commentary from the mind of brilliant Swedish writer/director Ruben …stlund (Force Majeure). A Stockholm museum curator and do-gooder (Claes Bang) exposes his own narcissism with a controversial art installation, crime victimization and one-night stand with an American art journalist (Elizabeth Moss). Dominic West and Terry Notary co-star in the 2017 Academy Award nominee and Cannes Palme d’Or winner. Laguna Art Museum, 307 Cliff Dr., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-8971. Thurs., June 21, 7 p.m. Free.

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