Dance With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight [Special Screenings, May 2-9]

Batman. Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

High Life. In Claire Denis’ 2018 horror-drama, a father (Robert Pattinson) and baby daughter live in isolation in deep space, where they struggle to survive. Art Theatre, 2025 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, (562) 438-5435; Thurs., May 2, 1:30, 4, 6:30 & 9 p.m. $9-$12.

Little Woods. In Nia DaCosta’s 2018 opioid-crisis thriller, an ex-con (Tessa Thompson) must decide whether to resume smuggling illegal pills so she can save the family home from foreclosure as her sister (Lily James) reels from an unplanned pregnancy. The Frida Cinema, 305 E. Fourth St., Santa Ana; Thurs., May 2, 2, 5 & 7:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Time Bandits. In Terry Gilliam’s 1981 trippy fantasy, a young history buff (Craig Warnock) joins six little people who emerge from his closet on intergalactic adventurers through holes in the fabric of time. Kevin and these time bandits variously drop in on Napoleon (Ian Holm), Robin Hood (John Cleese) and King Agamemnon (Sean Connery). The Frida Cinema; Thurs., May 2, 2:30, 5:30 & 8 p.m.; Sun., 5:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Community Voices Documentary Film Screening. Each semester, Chapman University film students produce short, character-driven portrait documentaries that highlight the causes of Orange County-based partner organizations. A panel discussion with the filmmakers follows. Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Marion Knott Studios, Folino Theater, 283 N. Cypress St., Orange, (714) 997-6765; Thurs., May 2, 7 p.m. Free.

El Chicano. Ben Hernandez Bray’s 2018 drama is about East LA twin brothers (Raúl Castillo in a dual role) choosing to live their lives differently and winding up on opposite sides of the law. Starlight Cinema City, 5635 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, (714) 970-6700; Starlight Triangle Cinemas, 1870 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, (714) 650-4300; Thurs., May 2, 7 & 9:40 p.m. Call for ticket prices.

Newport Beach Film Festival. The 20th-anniversary cinextravaganza’s eight-day run ends with the world premiere of Part of Water, Jack Murgatroyd and Tim Burnham’s documentary on Newport Beach lifeguard Ben Carlson, who lost his life in a rescue during a massive swell in 2014. The film is followed by the festival’s closing-night blowout in the surrounding Lido Village. Regency Lido Theater, 3459 Via Lido, Newport Beach, (949) 253-2880; Thurs., May 2, 8 p.m. Film-only tickets are sold out, but you can see the movie as part of a package with the closing-night party for $95.

I Trapped the Devil. In writer/director/producer/editor Josh Lobo’s feature debut, a couple (AJ Bowen and Susan Burke) arrive uninvited on Christmas at the home of his brother (Scott Poythress). They discover someone trapped in the basement who may be . . . SATAN! The Frida Cinema; Thurs., May 2, 10 p.m. $7-$10.

The White Crow (Sony Pictures Classics)

The White CrowOleg Ivenko stars as Rudolf Nureyev in this new drama based on the ballet star’s defection from the Soviet Union to the West in 1961. Ralph Fiennes directs and plays Russian ballet coach Alexander Pushkin. Directors Cut Cinema at Regency Rancho Niguel, 25471 Rancho Niguel Rd., Laguna Niguel, (949) 831-0446; Regency South Coast Village, 1561 W. Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, (714) 557-5701. Opens Fri.; call theaters for show times and ticket prices.

Her Smell. Writer/director Alex Ross Perry’s smash indie hit from the last Toronto International Film Festival is about the self-destructive lead singer (Elisabeth Moss) of a fictional ’90s, all-female, punk-rock band. Becky Something reckons with her past and failing sobriety when her excesses derail her band Something She’s national tour. See “Elisabeth Moss Rocks Her Own World in Her Smell” for more. The Frida Cinema; Fri. & Mon.-Thurs., May 9, 2, 5 & 8 p.m.; Sat., noon & 2:30 p.m.; Sun., 4 p.m. $7-$10.

2019 International Film Festival. The final film screening as part of Santiago Canyon College’s Celebration of Diversity Month is La Famille Bélier. Eric Lartigau’s 2014 musical dramedy is about a teen girl (Louane Emera) whose close bond to her hearing-impaired family is challenged by the discovery of an extraordinary talent for music. Presented in French with English subtitles. Parking is free, and refreshments are served. Santiago Canyon College, Bldg. D-101, 8045 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, (714) 628-4938; Fri., 6 p.m. Free.

Senior Thesis Cycle 7 Film Screenings. These student-made films premiere, but not necessarily in this order: As Advised; Difficult Moves; James; Living in Anger; Nara; and Side Effects. Titles are subject to change, and the films are also live streamed. (Go to the website below, scroll to the screening event and click the link.) Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, (714) 997-6765; Fri., 7 p.m. Free.

Bathtubs Over Broadway. Gathering material for Late Show With David Letterman, writer Steve Young stumbled upon vintage recordings marked “internal use only.” They were bizarre cast recordings of full-throated, Broadway-style musicals for the likes of Ford, DuPont, Xerox, McDonald’s and General Electric. Tracking down albums, footage and performers, Young makes friends along the Great White Corporate Way. Art Theatre; Sat.-Sun., 11 a.m. $9-$12.

Boyz N the Hood. The Frida presents a special screening in honor of director John Singleton, who died April 29. The Frida Cinema; Fri., 7:30 p.m. $7-$10.50.

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Photo courtesy LucasFilm

May the 4th Movie: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ron Howard’s 2018 origin story on Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) screens for those in 7th through 12th grades. Enjoy free snacks and make a nebula in a jar. Library of the Canyons, 7531 E. Santiago Canyon Rd., Silverado, (714) 649-2216. Sat., noon. Free.

Batman. On Free Comic Book Day, DC, Warner Bros. and Fathom Events kick off the first of four single-day screenings of Batman character movies. Up first is Tim Burton’s 1989 movie, in which billionaire Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) battles his inner demons and, as the Dark Knight, the Joker (Jack Nicholson), who unknowingly spawned the inner demons. Various theaters; Sat., 1 & 4 p.m. $10.50-$12.50.

Canelo vs. Jacobs. Beamed into theaters is the live Middleweight World Championship fight between two belt holders: Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 knockouts) and Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs). Various theaters; Sat., 6 p.m. $20.

Star Wars Family Night. Themed crafts, activities, snacks, entertainment and a film from the canon screens as part of this family-friendly event. Lake Forest Sports Park, 28000 Rancho Pkwy., Lake Forest; Sat., 6 p.m. Free.

Senior Thesis Cycle 0 & VFX Film Screenings. Student filmmakers premiere their works, but not necessarily in this order: Commander Kane! From Outer Space!; Egon and the Cycles of Abuse; Off With Your Head; and Sami. These are also live streamed. (Go to the website below, scroll to the screening event and click the link.) Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, (714) 997-6765; Sat., 7 p.m. Free.

Starship Frida: 12-Hour Intergalactic Sci-Fi Marathon! A surprise lineup of science-fiction movies starts at 8 at night and ends at 8 the next morning. Surprises, giveaways and intergalactic fun are promised. The Frida Cinema; Sat., 8 p.m. $20.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The pioneering midnight movie starts with the car of sweethearts Brad and Janet (Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon) breaking down near the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry). The transvestite scientist’s home also hosts a rocking biker (Meat Loaf), a creepy butler (Richard O’Brien) and assorted freaks, including a hunk of beefcake named “Rocky.” Live shadow-cast troupe Midnight Insanity performs. Art Theatre; Sat., 11:55 p.m. $9-$12.

True Grit. Turner Classic Movies and Fathom Events present a 50th-anniversary screening of Henry Hathaway’s classic about Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn (John Wayne). The drunken, hard-nosed U.S. marshal and a Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) help a stubborn teenager (Kim Darby) track down her father’s murderer in Indian territory. Various theaters; Sun., 1 & 4 p.m.; Wed., noon & 7 p.m. $12.50.

Code Geass: Re;Surrection. Gorô Taniguchi’s new anime is set several years after Lelouch’s “Zero Requiem” plan. Starlight Cinema City, (714) 970-6700; Starlight Triangle Cinemas, (714) 650-4300; Sun., 4 p.m. (in Japanese with English subtitles); Tues.-Wed., 7:30 p.m. (dubbed in English). Call for ticket prices.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Follow Arthur, King of the Britons; Sir Lancelot the Brave; and Sir Robin the Not-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot as they follow God’s directive to find the Holy Grail in the 1975 cult classic. The Frida Cinema; Mon.-Tues., 2:30, 4:30, 6:30 & 8:30 p.m. $7-$10.

Batman Returns. Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

Batman Returns. DC, Warner Bros. and Fathom Events’ celebration of the Batman character in movies continues with Tim Burton’s 1992 sequel, in which the Caped Crusader (Michael Keaton) tries to foil a plot by a corrupt businessman (Christopher Walken) and the Penguin (Danny DeVito) while being distracted by Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Various theaters; Mon., 4 & 7 p.m. $10.50-$12.50.

Graduate Thesis Documentary Screenings. Student-made films premiere and are also live streamed. (Go to the website below, scroll to the screening event and click on the link.) Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, (714) 997-6765; Mon., 7 p.m. Free.

Chondra Pierce: Unashamed. The Christian comedian searches the world for people who took stands for Jesus, no matter what it cost them. Various theaters; Tues. & Thurs., May 9, 7 p.m. $14.

Goodfellas. For Flashback Tuesday comes what some consider Martin Scorsese’s best film and an underappreciated classic. Based on the book Wiseguys by Nicholas Pileggi (who co-wrote the screenplay with Scorsese), it’s the true story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), a half-Irish, half-Sicilian Brooklyn kid who is adopted by neighborhood gangsters at an early age and climbs the ranks of a Mafia family—only to have the violence, body count and drug addiction give him second thoughts about his career. Great performances are turned in by Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. Directors Cut Cinema at Regency Rancho Niguel, (949) 831-0446. Tues., 7:30 p.m. $8.

Tolkien. Photo courtesy Fox Searchlight

Tolkien: Live From the Montclair Film Festival With Stephen Colbert. It’s a special advance screening of Dome Karukoski’s bio-drama about the formative years of orphaned author J.R.R. Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult). The actor joins Karukoski and co-star Lily Collins in a live, simulcast audience Q&A moderated by total Tolkien nerd Stephen Colbert. Various theaters; Tues., 7:30 p.m. $10.50-$12.50; movie only at Regency South Coast Village, (714) 557-5701. Opens Thurs., May 9, 7:15 p.m. $9-$12.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “Her-roh, Hahwee Goright-ree . . .” Yes, back in 1961, you could dress Mickey Rooney up as a “Chinaman,” put those garbled words and big buck teeth in his mouth, and pass it off as wholesome entertainment. Audrey Hepburn plays the New York party girl who finds love in Blake Edwards’ flick that influenced movies, fashion and society. Regency South Coast Village, (714) 557-5701. Wed., 7:30 p.m. $9.

The Merchant of Venice. To conclude a collective reading of William Shakespeare’s play led by UC Irvine professor emerita Susan Jarratt, Trevor Nunn’s 2001 television adaptation is shown. It’s the story of an abused Jewish moneylender who exacts a gruesome payment from a merchant who defaults on a large loan. Oasis Senior Center, 801 Narcissus Ave., Corona del Mar, (949) 824-6117; Thurs., May 9, noon. Free.

CdC19 Improvised Film Presentation. A group of improvisers exploring film production—and affiliated with the Coup de Comedy Festival 2019—expose an audience to their cinematic creation. But here is the deal: While space is limited and reservations are recommended, no seat is guaranteed because programs are overbooked to ensure a full house. UC Irvine, Little Theater, Humanities Hall 161, Irvine; Thurs., May 9, 4 p.m. Free.

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