Waste Management Unwraps Five Gift Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day a Greener Affair

Valentine’s Day is filled with chocolatey treats, heart-filled greeting cards, red wrapping and ribbons, often resulting in an influx in waste. As many prepare to celebrate the holiday of red, Waste Management of Southern California is offering five green tips to show love for your Valentine and the planet.

“Small green actions can go a long way this holiday,” said Eloisa Orozco, spokesperson for Waste Management of Southern California. “There are many easy, thoughtful, and creative ways to add an eco-friendly flair to your Valentine’s Day gift showing your special someone and the environment how much you care.”

  1. Bake an Edible Valentine: Nothing says I love you more than homemade treats. Cookies, cakes and candies made from scratch are more delicious than anything purchased off the shelf. Make the sweets even more delicious and earth friendly using local and organic ingredients.
  2. Dine Local: If you plan on going to a restaurant for that perfect romantic evening, consider supporting a local restaurant, which also reduces your carbon footprint.
  3. Watch Your Love Grow: Give your significant other a plant or flower that will thrive long after the holiday. Any living thing can be a special gift, whether it is a favorite flowering plant, herbs or culinary greens. Visit a local nursery to pick out the perfect plant to love and nurture together.
  4. Toast with Sustainable Wine: When it comes to picking a celebratory wine, look for a bottle with an organic or biodynamic label. Organic wines are made from 100% organically grown ingredients and have been monitored throughout the entire production process. Biodynamic wines are free of pesticides and chemicals and the farmers embrace earth-friendly practices.
  5. Buy Recycled: If you prefer to show love with traditional gifts, take it to the next level by purchasing cards and gifts made from recycled materials. By doing so, you will help keep the cycle of recycling going as you conserve natural resources.

Show your love for the environment all year round. Make the promise to always recycle bottles, cans and paper by visiting RecycleOftenRecycleRight.com.

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