VASQUEZ, GADDI Former chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors who resigned in disgrace after presiding over the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. Current head of the Peace Corps, a position given to him by George W. Bush despite his having no experience whatsoever. Who cares about qualifications, goes the Bush II logic, when Vasquez gave $100,000 to his campaign and is a Latino?

VIDEO SPOT The tiny video store has one of the largest collections of Mexican films in the county. And not just recent offerings like Amores Perros and Como Agua Para Chocolate; Video Spot's catalog spans all the eras of Mexican cinema, from La Época de Oro to sexycomedias to the fabulously weird lucha libre films, where wrestlers never take off their masks as they battle Aztec mummies and werewolves. 884 W. Lincoln Blvd., Anaheim, (714) 991-8893. VILLA PARKSo small—just 2.1 miles in area—that you could drive by and not notice, which is how most of its 7,000 residents like it. They are quiet folk, mostly upper-middle-class and just plain upper-class. The Spanish/ranch-style/colonial homes are generally on at least half an acre; the seemingly requisite pools, tennis courts and horse stables are out back. The driveways showcase cars in near-showroom quality: late-model SUVs, sedans and midlife-crisis sports cars. Most of the neighborhoods have no street lamps or sidewalks, which would suggest that no one walks in Villa Park. Bordered by Santiago Canyon Road to the west and Loma Street to the east, this little suburban anti-mecca offers limited shopping and entertainment opportunities, mainly because there's just one shopping center—and City Hall is in it. Villa Park's motto might be “Beat it . . . please.” VINYL SOLUTION RECORDS AND TAPES. This place is the last bastion of people who know punk. Here you'll find the best selection of punk records you'll see until Duane Peters kicks off and his stuff ends up at a police auction. The staff is colorful—alternately late or absent-minded. A couple of times per year, they hold the Secret Sale, at which, starting at midnight, customers can grab whatever they want and then haggle until it's nearly half-price. Sometimes the staff will accept goods in lieu of cash. The bathroom is also a shrine to David Lee Roth, displaying every clipping and centerfold on the guy from the past decade. 18822 Beach Blvd., Ste. 104, Huntington Beach, (714) 963-1819. VIP ROOMS Space at clubs (often on a second floor or balcony) reserved for friends of the promoters. Usually empty and boring, unless the club is perilously overcrowded, then recommended. Sometimes filled with totally awful, pretentious assholes who don't tip for shit.

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