Top 5 Songs Sure to Clear a Dance Floor According to Shawn Wayans (aka DJ SW1)

Shan Wayans (Courtesy of the artist)

Let’s take it back to 1990 for the “In Living Color” days, shall we? The skits were crushing, the Fly Girls were pumping those booties, and Shawn Wayans, aka DJ SW1, was spinning MAD beats that that would make even the most uncoordinated bust out the cabbage patch, sachey chantey, and pop lock and mother fucking drop it. Back to life, back to reality.

It’s 2018 and Shawn is jumping back behind the ones and twos for one night only on April 19th. When and where you say? (Yes, we heard you! Please stop screaming!) Harvelle’s in Long Beach is where you need to be for a night of Wayans magic with the hilarious Chaunte Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. After their comedy show? Tunes on tunes on tunes. Before the big blowout evening that we shall dub, “The Wayanspalooza,” we talked to Shawn to ask him what you should NOT play while spinning in order to keep your crowd moving. And this O.G., yeah, he would know…  

Ali Lerman (OC Weekly): First let me say, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood Part 2. Thank you. That aside, lay your list on me.

Shawn Wayans: OK so, here is my top five songs that will clear a dance floor and that I refuse to play.

5- Girl You Know It’s True: Milli Vanilli

I am choosing this for obvious reasons but the main reason is, there was never any truth to Milli Vanilli. They weren’t ever truly singing.

4- Pickin Boogers: Biz Markie

Although I am a fan of Biz Markie and the beat is dope, the lyrics make me sick. Plus, I don’t want the crowd to start wiping boogers on each other and have me on the mic saying, “Throw your hands in the air and wipe a booger like you just don’t care.”

3- Macarena: Los del Rio

Now, I’m sure that in some places, this song won’t clear the dance floor. But if I’m working that night, it will definitely clear the DJ booth because I can’t listen to it again.

2- Born To Be Alive: Partrick Hernandez

“Born To Be Alive” is a great karaoke song but, it’s not hot enough to play in a club.

1- The Funk Phenomena: Armand van Helden

This sounds like music they play in the background on a porno DVD when you’re trying to decide if you want watch it in wide screen or full screen. As a matter of fact, I believe I have seen a porno with that exact same title. I think it was ANAL PORN TOO! Funk phenomenon!!!!


Get your tickets now to see Shawn Wayans at Harvelle’s in Long Beach TONIGHT April 19th. Tickets are available at For more info on Shawn, check out his YouTube channel The Boo Crew TV and follow him on Twitter @Shawn_Wayans.

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