The Decline of Western Civilization Pt. 1 with Director Penelope Spheeris in Person

“See it in a theater, where you can’t get hurt,” warned, teased, mocked the trailer to the still vividly dangerous and delightful punk rock documentary The Decline of Western Civilization, filmed in LA clubs by director Penelope Spheeris. Her original 1981 film featured fans watching Alice Bag, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Germs and X, among others, being gritty, angry, beautiful and loud. The celebrated project developed into a three-part contemporary classic. Spheeris herself, who also directed Wayne’s World and Suburbia, introduces the original and Decline III at an entirely safe screening. Fun fact, courtesy the Frida, which hosts her: Spheeris grew up in Orange County, and studied at UCI!

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