Sloppy Jalopy [Hey, You!]

Illustration by Bob Aul

My daughter bought a used Nissan from your Santa Ana lot last fall. She sure was excited to have her own wheels—and so was I. Not only was it an important milestone for her, as she is growing up and becoming more independent, but it was also helpful for our family to no longer have to constantly split two cars three ways. Six months later, the car lies dead in our carport with a transmission that will cost upward of $5,000 to replace—in addition to the $6,000 bank loan she took out to buy the car. It turns out this particular kind of Nissan transmission is fairly notorious among repairmen for failure, so if our mechanic were already aware of this fact and recognized the warning signs right before it died, then it follows that you did, too. Yet you went ahead and sold a car you knew had weeks to live to a young lady who was a first-time buyer. Admittedly, she should have done her homework better and will learn from this experience, but you should have consulted your conscience—if you have one, that is. Caveat emptor this, baby, and may the Sunset on your car dealership.

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