Pooh Fighters

Illustration by Bob AulSaturday night, Dec. 1: A small group of us were at Disneyland, anticipating our first crime. When we saw Tigger wandering around Frontierland, one of us said, “Hey, let's sock Tigger in the head.” That started an argument that went something like this: “Dude, don't sock Tigger! There're kids around!” This was countered with, “Hey, yeah! Let's sock Tigger! There're kids around!” The end result was that you, anonymous person in the Tigger costume, got socked in the head. I'd like to apologize: first, for socking Tigger in the head (even though I just watched), and second, because for all we knew, there was a girl in that costume. And finally, because even as I type this, I'm laughing my ass off picturing Tigger getting socked in the head.

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