Not In My Front Yard

To all you elitist, self-righteous xenophobes in Old Towne Orange who roped off “their” parking spaces in front of their homes using trash cans, yellow caution tape and “borrowed” Caltrans traffic cones: Way to welcome visitors to the International Street Fair! Are you afraid some unwashed out-of-towner (anyone coming from west of Glassell or east of Tustin) might momentarily envy your little termite hotel of a “historic” bungalow? In one day at the fair, I met wonderful, enlightened folks from Alaska, Florida, Germany and the Czech Republic. I'll bet you posturing, inbred villagers never left your yards for fear of missing the opportunity to berate some poor lost tourist for walking on “your” sidewalk! Say, does sticking that elitist extra “e” in the words “Old Towne” give you snoot creds, since you couldn't afford to live in Villa Park? Schmucks!

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