Nitzer Ebb at the Galaxy Theater Last Night

Nitzer Ebb

November 6, 2010
Galaxy Theater

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Nitzer Ebb is back. After a 15 year recording hiatus, Nitzer Ebb is touring in support of their latest album Industrial Complex. The jagged synthesizers of “Getting Closer” started to churn as a steady drum beat quickly followed step. Douglas McCarthy emerged from the shadows dressed in a slick suit, button up white shirt, skinny black tie and reflective aviator shades barking the lyrics like a drill sergeant.


While some bands rely on too much backing
tracks, Nitzer Ebb perfectly blend live percussion and roaring
synthesizers together to really punch the audience in the face.
McCarthy's swarming stage presence also helps augment the total
experience. A heavily arpeggiated synthesizer sequence filled the Galaxy
Theater as their new song “Down On Your Knees” sounded just as vital as
their older material.
While McCarthy's stage
presence carries the show, Bon Harris's synthesizer programming should
be noted for being highly percussive and inducing the crowd to dance.
Arms waved in the air and bodies moved rhythmically to “Let Your Body
Learn.” Another new tune “Hit You Back” had a swarm of buzzing
synthesizers to accompany McCarthy's refrain of “I'm not in love with
Potentially their most evil new track
“Payroll” bombarded the audience with ear crushing synthesizers as
Harris continued to provoke the audience to dance along. “Godhead”
definitely pleased the old school fans as the crowd sang along
proficiently. A double crushing blow of older tunes “Murderous” and
“Control, I'm Here” perfectly ended their set. “I Give To You”
unfortunately was the only encore as they painfully omitted my favorite
track “Join In The Chant” which was on the setlist that I spotted at the
soundboard. I hope it was because they ran out of time.
encountered a barrage of monitor problems during their set which
had the keyboardist attempting to fight the sound guy at the conclusion
of their set. At least their female stage dancers weren't phased by the
problem. Tense was a two-piece, hard-driving industrial act that
impressed with their electronic drum kit and sequenced synthesizers. 
Personal Bias: “Join In the Chant” is one of my favorite songs ever.
Black leather and vinyl was the most dominant fashion. I have to
mention the most amazing thing was the girl in the Hello Kitty gas mask.
Overheard in the Crowd: “Are they the Village People?” was mentioned prior to Tense hitting the stage.
Random Notebook Dump: Bon Harris programmed the synthesizers on Billy Corgan's highly underrated solo album.
“Getting Closer”
“Down On Your Knees”
“Hearts and Minds”
“Let Your Body Learn”
“Once You Say”
“Lightning Man”
“Hit You Back”
“Blood Money”
“I Am Undone”
“On The Road”
“Control, I'm Here”
“I Give To You”

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