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You'd think that Ben Westhoff's Dec. 14 music article, “The Efron Scandal,” describing a collaboration between rapper Lil Wayne andHigh School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron, couldn't be more obviously fake—hell, the piece featured a brotherly smooch on the lips between the pair!—but apparently, some people fell for it. (The site of hip-hop magXXL figured it out right away, linking to the story and labeling it as “fictional”-and “hilarious.”) For the record, the piece is, as one letter-writer describes it . . .

Jerry Burger
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This is the funniest thing I've read in a while. Who's next? I think Ne-Yo and Tony Bennett. They both sing love songs. LOL!
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You lying fucks. I hate you. You just hate black people. Fuck y'all.
John Dick
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This can't be real.
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Are you guys serious with this? Oh, my God! It's the FUNNIEST SHIT I've read all month! Is this fiction!? You can't be serious. . . . Lil Wayne has a Juicy Fruit-dispensing bathroom attendant? I'm showing this article to everyone I know. Thanks!
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This whole article is a bunch of bullshit. Where's the proof? All credibility has just gone down the drain.
Frank Varela
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All right. I seen this on another website because no one has ever heard of this one. Anyways. You need to quit trippin' on Wayne. The collabo may be true, but ain't no way Efron's up in there, sayin' nigga and chillin with Wayne.
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First of all, you are a tabloid rag of the first degree to even consider printing this made-up shit! Did you ever consider doing research? There about 10 zillion Zac Efron fans out there who KNOW who he is and what he's about.

No. 1, Zac Efron DOES NOT go to bars. He does not consume alcohol. He does not do any kind of drugs. He's a normal, down-to-earth kid who rides his skateboard, goes surfing, hangs out with his girlfriend and plays computer games.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, trying to trash a decent human being. How do you sleep at night? Oh, I forgot. People who spout out tabloid trash don't have a conscience.

I just hope you get your comeuppance and rot in hell!!
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The following letters are in regard to the Dec. 7 theater review ofI Married Wyatt Earp by Dave Barton titled, “Wanted, Dead or Alive.”

I think that this article was a little bit of a bitch fest from the author. I think that if a woman were sent to do this review, rather than a man, it would have gotten a better response. Sure, the writing needs work, but it was a good piece anyway. I think this review was harsh and had some unnecessary phrasing that seemed very unprofessional and really did seem like a very anti-feminist man venting.
Lori Palmer
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Perhaps OC Weekly made a mistake in delegating a man to review a woman's play. As the reviewer mourns, there are no male characters in the play. I loved the play: There were actually “hum-able” tunes, and there were a couple of amazing voices. I certainly “got” it, and I'm sorry your reviewer didn't.
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The following letters are in response to R. Scott Moxley's Dec. 7 article, “Oh, Boy!”-about GOP operative Jeffrey Ray Nielsen going to prison for sex crimes against underage boys.

Great job, Mr. Moxley! I would like to know more about what The Orange County Register did/did not report on the case. I mean, no mention of the case for three years? It's enough to make one want to cancel one's subscription to their paper.

Anyway, thanks again for another good, honest and relevant reporting job.
Dwight Andersen
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From the article: “Jeffrey Ray Nielsen-the well-connected Orange County conservative activist who claimed the so-called liberal media, specifically the Weekly, was out to get him by publishing a series of exposé on his pedophile activities-finally admitted on Dec. 5 that he used two boys for sex since the early 1990s.”

He's right: The liberal media WAS out to get him, and damn well they should have been. He's a pedophile, the most despicable example of all criminality. What did the conservative media do? Praise him for pretending to save some puppies? My fucking hero.
Knew Jeff in High School
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The letter below is in regard to Luke Y. Thompson's Dec. 7 article, “Haute Couture,” about the North American Mixed Martial Arts Association Expo.

Very cool write-up. I hope you can cover some more MMA events.
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The following letter is in regard to Derek Olson's Dec. 14 article, “Tough As Nails,” about a street performer whose act includes hammering nails up his nose.

John is a dear and longtime friend. He has been performing for years and has entertained millions. He is a great man and enjoys what he does thoroughly. I'm glad someone finally took the time to give him an interview and observe his performance. It is a bit strange, but it attracts people from all around. Thank you for projecting him as an artist and performer, as that is what he truly is. Keep doing what you're doing, Lucky John!
Molli Raef
Seal Beach


Your Dec. 13 story about Tosh being dead was amusing [Nick Schou's “Final Flight of Fancy,” about ex-CIA pilot Tosh Plumlee's rumored death]. I knew from Day One his death wasn't factual. I've had conversations with Tosh throughout the years about Dallas. Even at 70 or so, Tosh lives his life in the world of shadows and mirrors . . . in his mind. Regardless of what he says, he enjoys the publicity he still receives, and I, for one, believe the stories of his death were of his own doing.
Paul May
Atlanta, Georgia


In our review of the Crow Bar and Kitchen (Edwin Goei's “Eating Crow,” Dec. 14), the chef's first and last names were reversed. His name is Scott Brandon. The Weekly regrets the error.

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