Nadia Ali at the Yost Theater Last Night

Nadia Ali
Yost Theater
Jan. 20, 2012

The Grammy-nominated voice of electronic music Nadia Ali stopped at the Yost Theater last night on her Queen of Clubs Tour, and she proved that monicker to be true as she performed her more upbeat remixes from the Queen of Clubs Trilogy albums. I have heard mixed reviews about the sassy singer/songwriter, but she was the real deal last night. Her performance did not have one dull moment as she maintained a euphoric club experience throughout the night.

Unlike her three-song performance at Sutra last year, Nadia Ali performed all of her club smashes, giving her OC fans a treat. “Pressure,” “Rapture,””Call My Name,” “Is It Love,””Fantasy,””Crash and Burn” and “Feels So Good,” were all performed to the raving lights and LED light show. Her loyal fans had tears in their eyes, no kid.

Nadia Ali got up on stage to Armin Van Buuren's voice introducing her as the legendary voice of electronic music. It was tacky, but also amazing–who else gets an introduction from the great Armin? Joining her on stage were two backup dancers who kept the energy of the packed Yost theater up all night. Ali performed for an hour, with a 15 minute break. During her break she changed from a gold sequined dress into a night blue sequined dress. With most touring acts I would criticize a wardrobe change, but she is clearly a classy diva worthy of it.

The Yost now has the biggest LED wall in OC, so Ali's jaw-dropping LED and multi-color light show wowed the crowd even more. Daniel Minaya and Shane Vikus tag-teamed as they deejayed their own renditions of the top club hits to keep the crowd entertained when Ali was not on stage.

Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Nadia ended her set by saying  Orange County always treats her with love. The highlight of the night was when she gave her love back by singing an acapella version of “Rapture.” You could hear her vibrant passion for singing, with every note coming out with all her heart. The crowd joined her as a harmonizing backup choir. (Ali made it a point to tell the crowd that she is a singer and a songwriter–not just a recorded voice over electronic tracks.)

Critics Bias

For $15 you saw Nadia Ali and a full club experience with an amazing LED and light show on a Friday night–with free parking! What more can you ask for? It was truly Christmas in January. (Take that, LA nightclubs!)

The Crowd

Orange County's finest always comes out to the Yost Theater, and this night was no exception.

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