[Locals Only] Burning Tree Project, Time and Color (Disco Tech/East West)

Last month, I published a piece about music that enhances sexual experiences (“In Sound We Thrust,” Feb. 8). Check it out if you haven't yet, and look for a substantial spike in the birth rate come November. Blatant self-promotion aside, I bring up that article to contrast those songs with the creations of Burning Tree Project. While the lubricious classics in my feature primed the pump for hawt XXX action, Burning Tree Project's feeble ditties kill libidos dead.

Something has gone horribly awry if major labels are throwing money at bands like Burning Tree Project to release CDs like Time and Color (Disco Tech/east west). Am I being unfairly harsh on these trendily coiffed boys? No. Consider this review a Public Service Announcement, with the intent to prevent the potential withering of sex drives.

So what does Time and Color sound like? Well, the band have garnered “steady rotation” on MTV2, MTV Chi and MTV K and have swayed Alternative Press to hail them as “unsigned band of the month” for its May 2008 issue (the commendation must've worked). BTP's songs swell with a squeaky-clean grandiosity. They're big but empty, like spheres of cotton candy the size of Disneyland, exuding all the soul of South Coast Plaza.

Of course, BTP's music isn't really geared for mature music aficionados—or anyone whose balls have dropped. Too bad for the group I'm not a 12-year-old girl—the ideal demographic for their guilelessly earnest emo pop. But, hey, did you know that BTP guitarist Scott Corgan is totes cousins with Smashing Pumpkins' Billy? OMG!

For more information, visit www.burningtreeproject.com and www.myspace.com/btp.

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