Kanye West to Produce Justin Bieber's Next Album?

In what sounds like something made up specifically for or by the music blogosphere, Kanye West has expressed interest in producing at least one song for the Biebs. West already released a Justin Bieber remix with Raekwon, so maybe this turn of events isn't all that shocking. However, Consequence of Sound reports that Kanyeezy might want to “produce a bunch of new songs for [Bieber's] new album.” Could the next Bieber record be his Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?  We can only hope.

Kanye West is absolutely everywhere at the start of 2011. He both attracts and repels us like a car crash (the car being a Bentley full of models, of course), and he acknowledges that fact. Does he genuinely enjoy Bieber's music, or does he just want to get his beats and name on another bankable pop star's records? Who knows? We will follow this story as it unfolds . . . or maybe not. But probably yes.

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