Justin Bieber, You Are Not Alone: 4 Baby Daddy Dramas in Music History

Poor Justin Bieber–the 17-year-old isn't even legal to bone yet, and already there's a lady claiming that he's the father of her baby.

Meet 20-year-old (uh, statutory rape, or at least a misdemeanor in California, anyone?) Mariah Yeater, the classy broad whose claiming to have taken the heartthrob's virginity backstage at his show via unprotected sex–which resulted in the aforementioned child. (Way to rain on that whole “perfect boyfriend” image, girl).

Of course, the Biebs is denying the claims, stating that he's not only never had sex with Yeater–but he's never even met her.

To that we say, chin up, Beliebers. Yeater isn't the first girl to cry “baby daddy.” From Elvis to Marc Anthony, music has had a long, sordid history of (mostly false) baby daddy claims. Find out who else is on the list after the jump. 


Elvis Presley

Fortunately for Beliebers, the Biebs is in good company with this baby mama scandal — Patricia Parker filed a paternity suit against the King back in the 1970s. The King of Rock and Roll was cleared of the charges.

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne was  serving eight months in jail for gun possession when he was slapped with a paternity suit — allegedly for fathering a child after numerous sexual encounters with a Missouri woman back in 2002 (a gangsta just can't catch a break).  Admittedly, Weezy's kinda got to expect it — the dude has kids with four different women.

Marc Anthony
J.Lo couldn't have been stoked about this one — the couple were newlyweds back in 2004, when Anthony was hit with a paternity suit by former wife and Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres. A DNA test proved that the two-month old baby turned out not to be the Latin crooner's.

Flo Rida
In July of this year, Flo Rida (aka Tamar Dillard) was accused by a Gloria Holloway of fathering her child.  According to Dillard's camp, a paternity test taken under a pseudonym (to protect the rapper's identity) cleared him of charges, but Holloway wasn't satisfied — she refused to accept the results until a paternity test with the star's real name was delivered to her. At least no one can accuse her of not being persistent.

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