[Hey, You!] Diss-neyland

I was at Disneyland playing with my 5-year-old daughter on Pirate's Lair. There was an 8-ish-looking little boy playing with a wheel pulley. My daughter waited a very long time for a turn. I finally asked the boy nicely, “Can my daughter have a turn?” The little boy was kind enough to step aside to allow my child to play. “What a nice kid,” I thought.

Then you said, “What did you say to my kid?!”

I replied: “I asked if my daughter could have a turn.”

Long story short, you told me not to talk to your kid. At that point, I told you to “FUCK OFF!” I wanted to fucking pound you, but you wouldn't fight me, you fucking pussy. I even said you could have the first punch. I know guys like you: all talk, but when it comes to blows, you don't have the fucking balls to back your tough words. You know who you are. I just wanted to let the rest of OC know you're the biggest PUSSY I have ever met.

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