Heavy Metal Jesus Forrest Gordon Clark is Arraigned for Holy Fire

Forrest Gordon Clark: Heavy Metal Jesus (Mugshot courtesy Orange County Sheriff’s Department; Buddy Christ courtesy of View Askew Productions)




An interesting scene unfolded at the O.C. Central Courthouse unfolded today as Forrest Gordon Clark–the man under investigation for starting the Holy Fire, aka White Trash Jesus–appeared before Commissioner Vickie L. Hix for arraignment. The most crucial goal for Clark was that his identity be concealed, most likely because he fears gang members from M.S. 13 and 38th Street gang members are trying to kill him.

Earlier this week, Clark told reporters, “I’ve been terrorized by M.S. 13 and 38th Street. They told me that they were gonna send eight big Mexicans and they were gonna kill me. I need to get on T.V. so that if I die, at least you know who did it.”

The Public Defenders representing Clark also wanted to conceal his identity from the media because they felt that blasting his image all over T.V. could lead to an unfair trial. Hix, however, denied the request because Clark’s interview has appeared on national television.

Clark did not take kindly to Hix’s decision. After media was granted access to record during the arraignment, Clark turned his back to the cameras and to Hix. When this didn’t work, Clark began swinging his mullet around in a circle, and headbanging like he was at a Metallica show in 1992 in an attempt to cover his face with his magnificent mane of hair. Clark’s head banging form was so flawless that he is now being referred to as Heavy Metal Jesus. 

With his face sufficiently covered beneath his hair, Clark settled in to listen to the charges against him, but his stillness didn’t last for long. As Hix and the council spoke, Clark shouted, “Take the lives of my brother, mother and siblings! I have to protect the lives of my brother, mother and siblings. My life has been threatened!”

Hix and the council were stunned at the outburst. The Public Defender scrambled to explain Clark’s statement, but the meaning seemed lost on everyone in the courthouse. Hix proceeded to read the six counts levied against Clark, but was cut short when Heavy Metal Jesus shouted, “It’s a lie!” Clark was again silenced, and Hix proceeded.

Hix recited that Clark’s bail is set at $1 million, to which Clark replied, “I can handle $1 million. I will pay $1 million immediately. I can handle it now, easily.”

Who knows, it may possible that Clark can pay $1 million out of pocket. Maybe Heavy Metal Jesus Forrest Gordon Clark is one of the masked guitarists from Slipknot. Or, maybe he is the reincarnation of Lemmy Kilmister, and has fat stacks of cash hidden in a cave next to One Eyed Willie. Stranger things have happened.

The Holy Fire burning near Bell Canyon in Orange County, as seen from Rancho Santa Margarita.





What is certain is that Clark would be smarter to spend that money reviving and retaining Johnnie Cochran, and saving to repay the inevitable costs of damages from the fire.

According to Public Information Officer Kate Kramer the Holy Fire doubled in size overnight and has now consumed 18,137 acres in the Cleveland National Forest. The fire has reached the Ortega Highway on the Riverside front, and has moved into Bell Canyon on the Orange County front. 12 structures have been destroyed, certainly, and more are threatened. Over 20,000 residents have been evacuated as the fire approaches mountain communities near Lake Elsinore, and all along the Santa Ana Mountain Range.

Although the fire is only 5 percent contained, fire crews are glad that they’ve been able to maintain containment as the fire has grown in size. 1,206 fire personnel from 28 crews are battling the fire. The 12 fixed wing aircraft and 14 helicopters battling the flames have been crucial to fight the blazes from the sky in the rugged terrain of the Cleveland National Forest.

As Matt Coker reported today, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling for animal cruelty counts to be added to the criminal charges against Holy Fire arson suspect Forrest Gordon Clark.

Clark is set to appear in court on August 17. If convicted, Clark faces life in prison for two felony counts of aggravated arson with malicious intent.  According to the complaint filed against Clark by the District Attorney, on August 6, 2018, Clark set fire to an inhabited structure at 15 Trabuco Creek Road, which led to a forest fire shortly after. Clark may have been setting the home on fire to promote his new metal album Hell’s Flames to the Holy, or to frighten M.S. 13, or as a plot to expose the Deep State, as Matt Coker speculated earlier this week. Whatever the motive, we wish fire crews and those adversely affected by the flames the best of luck.

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