Food Fighters

Illustration by Bob AulThis little shout-out goes to the twentysomething young man and his girlfriend who tried to snake their way in front of me and my family at a very popular neighborhood restaurant this past Saturday. My three children and I had already been standing there for five minutes waiting for the hostess. When she freed herself from her other tasks long enough to acknowledge our arrival, she informed all of us to sign in on the list over in the corner. Instead of acknowledging those who came before you, you tried to get your name on the top of the list. That's when I briskly marched right around you and proceeded to put my name in first. I heard you grumbling about me but paid you no attention. I'm glad you thought I was rude. Maybe a bit of rudeness is what you deserve. When our table was ready and my name was called, I took much satisfaction taking my seat as you did your best to give me the evil eye. Moral of story? Learn to respect others, and you won't put yourself in the position of being outpaced by a middle-aged father of three.

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