Excision at the Yost Theater Last Night


Yost Theater, Santa Ana

Feb. 14, 2012

For those who were not at home getting it on with their loved ones, the Yost Theater and Insomniac presented a rave-Esc production with Excision and the X Tour. The line of people waiting for extra tickets to be released wrapped around the Yost for the sold out event. The 18 and over crowd of
excited dubstep fans and trashy-looking ravers
were greeted by signs at the door notifying everyone of possible seizure attacks upon
entering the theater.


The DJ set, normally at the center of the stage, was covered with tarp for all to speculate on what Excisions set would look like. The opening DJs Lucky Date and Liquid Stranger played in the corner and warmed up the crowd for the main event, making the experience feel like a massive with a mini stage.

As Excision hit the stage with his signature X's in the air, he started his set off with the erratic bass sounds of “X Rated.” It felt like an earthquake had struck downtown Santa Ana. The crowd erupted with glow sticks in the air and fierce dub-dancing to every bass drop. His iconic X logo on his set morphed into different colors and patterns. At times Excision's light display looked like a trip to outer space, featuring scorpions with firing plasma rays, marijuana leaves, blue electric guitars, Tron themes and crazy skulls jumping out at the crowd.

Even if you weren't a dubstep enthusiast, last night you would have wanted to grab glow sticks and put on your dancing shoes on.The lights switched back and forth with every color of the rainbow. They coincided with Excision's bass-heavy set. He performed all of filthy bass tracks like “Boom,” “Ohhh Noo,” “Warning” and “8 Bit Superhero.” (Could Excision have been more creative with song titles?) If Megatron had a soundtrack, it was played to a sold-out crowd last night. The crazy 100,000-watt sounds system brought by Insomniac did Excision's set justice. The bass was so violent, parts of the ceiling fell like pieces of confetti.

Although each track was mixed to perfection with flawless transitions, the music got old after awhile. Let's face it, how many different screeching sounds can one man make? The crowd kept every hand raised and didn't stop moving, but how can anyone like this much bass noise for an hour and half? Personally? I thought Excision's light show outshone his performance–literally and figuratively.

Critic's Bias I like paying $25 or less for DJ shows.

The Crowd The vibe of the night was like a Winds of Plague concert, with moshpits and numerous fights breaking out. it felt like a high school quad during lunch.

Random Notebook Dump Rude dudes disrespected security guards by throwing flyers, spitting and cursing at them. Also, what was up with bubbles falling from the balcony?

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