Eat This Now: Tofu Scramble at the Potholder Too

The Potholder Too on Broadway in Long Beach is the all-American diner that Denny’s wishes it was. If you’re a fan of breakfast but you’re also trying not to eat chicken periods (aka eggs) or any other dead animal in the morning, the restaurant has a vegan/vegetarian menu that includes the Tofu Scramble.

Most vegan options aren’t filling, as they’re usually an odd assortment of sides—but not this entree. The Tofu Scramble consists of tofu seasoned and sautéed with tomatoes, green onions and mushrooms, accompanied by a large side of hash brown-esque frizzled potatoes. The tofu absorbs the best of the veggies and spices, giving you a savory little block with a soft texture reminiscent of scrambled eggs.

The best part is that it’s a cruelty-free dish for $7.95. There are three other Potholders sprinkled throughout the LBC, but the Broadway & Euclid one is about a 10-minute walk from Bluff Park, which is cool for if you need to walk off the breakfast. Ignore your inner Ron Swanson, and inhale this!

The Potholder Too, 3700 E. Broadway, Long Beach, (562) 432-6824;

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