Disneyland to Stay Open for 24 Hours Straight

Ever wish you could ride Space Mountain at 3:30 in the morning?

You now have your chance! Learn more after the jump.


To celebrate leap year… wait a minute, what? 
Who in the hell celebrates leap year? What day of the week does February 29 fall on this year? A Wednesday? So we're celebrating another day of work?!? Whoopee!
Oh… maybe we're celebrating hump day. I like that idea better, so let's go with that one instead.
Anyway, in celebration of the fifth hump day in February, Disney has decided to keep two of its theme parks open, one at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and one at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, for 24 straight hours. 
Called “One More Disney Day,” Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom will open at 6 AM on Wednesday, February 29 and stay open until the same time the next morning on Thursday, March 1.

​What will being in the parks on that day be like? My guesses: Dark! Empty! And filled with Cast Members who are resentful that they're securing your seatbelt on the Matterhorn at 2:00 AM rather than getting a refreshing eight hours of shut-eye!
But hey, at least they still have jobs, right?
Also, for 60 days straight, from January 1st through February 29th, one lucky person will be selected daily in the “Disney Days One More Disney Day Sweepstakes” and receive a Disney parks vacation for four. The prize is good at either the Orlando or Anaheim resorts. 
Learn more about (and enter) the “Disney Days One More Disney Day Sweepstakes” here.
How will Disneyland “celebrate” the end of the Mayan calendar this December? Complimentary lifetime annual passes for everyone? A “free million churros” stamp card? Only time will tell.

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