Dance, Sucker!

Four decades ago, P-Funk mastermind George Clinton and his freaky bros were drinking James Brown's “Cold Sweat” and ingesting other more hallucinogenic substances, thereby launching funk into thitherto untrammeled spheres. (Hip-hop producers paid tribute by raiding their catalog for hundreds of samples.) Clinton and his co-conspirators had a phenomenal run from the late '60s (“I'll Bet You”) to the early '80s (“Atomic Dog”), but the quality dipped after George's 1982 solo joint, Computer Games . Recent years have seen this innovator become akin to the Jerry Garcia of funk. This show could be a sloppy travesty or a scorching fusillade of tripnotic soul jams and epic funk workouts, some of which may be even more interesting than George's hair.
Sun., Feb. 10, 7 p.m., 2008

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