Best Whiskey

Three years ago, our Mexican-in-Chief visited Hi-Time Wine Cellars to buy a bottle of whiskey for his wedding. After staring at the offerings in the glass case for hours, he finally asked Mr. Hi-Time for some advice, explaining the importance of a good booze to mark such a momentous day. Mr. Hi-Time directed him to the Yamakazi 18-year-old single-malt Japanese whiskey, promising nothing but good. Every year since, our Mexican-in-Chief takes just one shot to commemorate his beautiful wife and the beauty of life because that’s what this vintage represents: silky, sweet, tart and nothing but love. Maybe Hi-Time has it; maybe it’s out of stockā€”it doesn’t matter. Ask Mr. Hi-Time to get you one, and it’ll be the best gift you can ever buy yourself.

250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, (949) 650-8463;

Readers’ Choice: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

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