Best Used-Book Store

Times are tough for brick-and-mortar bookstores, what with Amazon doing its best to emulate the ravaging hordes of Genghis Khan in its attempt to dominate the world. But things are still going strong at this Orange used-book store, which somehow manages to cram more than 300,000 books into its 6,000-square-foot store and warehouse. While genuine bibliophiles know nothing beats browsing through the aromatic stacks, looking for unexpected treasure, you can do an online search by title, author or keyword on the store’s website, as well as order online. Books are generally sold at half the cover price, and it also offers a cool buy-back program. Basically, you get up to one-third of the price that the Bookman can sell your book for, good for store credit that can be used to pay for up to half of a Bookman purchase.

840 Tustin St., Orange, (800) 538-0166;

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