Best Rotating Menu

Last year, the Crosby decided to grow up—it kept the hipster vibe and the cheap-but-delicious pizzas and pastas, but it also decided to debut a chef's menu that changes monthly. Head chef Aron Habiger has yet to disappoint—in his menu, eaters see the maturation and mad skills of a young gun who knows his limits and pushes them at all times. Sometimes, the results don't fully succeed—a watermelon-based ceviche, while pleasing, didn't match up to what you can find at any mariscos joint. But Habiger frequently trots out meals that would make the careers of lesser chefs. He has gone traditional with filet mignons covered in a cranberry compote, or done the fusion thing by making duck carnitas, or created avocado cheesecake that plays on the unique fatty essences of the fruit and dessert. Visit monthly, though, because once the month is over, Habiger doesn't look back as he bravely, deliciously marches forward to the next marvels.

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