Best Record Store

Three years ago, the idea of opening a record store in our shitty economy, let alone a store that only sold vinyl and cassettes, seemed like a bankruptcy waiting to happen. But even record-industry skeptics can take heart that Burger Records' scrappy DIY ethos translated into a bona fide force in the local music scene. Sure, the Fullerton store—and subsequent record label—made its name with a wealth of releases from unkempt garage bands, but it boasts a wide selection that ranges from bargain-bin gems to funk rarities, old punk wax and new independent releases. And putting out cassettes isn't just a goofy gimmick for Burger. The founders (including Sean Bohrman, Brian Flores and Lee Rickard) are legitimately convinced of the format's strengths, something that's rare given how little respect tapes have gotten over the years. Trading in brightly customized plastic casings, the wares Burger sells tend to match the wild, slap-dash nature of its regular gamut of in-store shows packed with fans and Burger Bands from all over the country. Now, what other record store do you know that can stay rowdy, eclectic and viable with an anachronism?


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