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This infernal rag has deemed Hi-Time the best liquor store in the county every year except two dating back to 2009, according to online archives. When another joint was named—likely the result of since-abandoned Best Of rules dictating that winners could not have won the same category the year before—Hi-Time was named best something else. And the Costa Mesa booze barn was still mentioned in the write-up of one of those other best liquor stores. The point is: Our permanent residency in the bowels of Hi-Time has resulted in so many extinguished brain cells that we are incapable of masking the stone-cold-sober fact that Hi-Time Wine Cellars is simply the best fucking liquor store in all of Orange County, not only for its voluminous selection of the Devil’s drink, but also for its unique gift aisles, stupendous cigar humidor and wonderful wine-tasting bar. An especially helpful staff—composed largely of family members—guide you through the amazing maze.

250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, (949) 650-8463;

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