Best Golf Course

Years ago, a commercial ran over the Southern California teevee waves that featured Dad Miller, who looked to be about 100, boasting about having earned his first hole-in-one at age 93. That was on hole No. 11 on his course in December 1970. Miller's ace came when his course was seven years old and five years before the birth of Eldrick Tont Woods in nearby Cypress. By the time that boy was in high school, folks were calling him Tiger and Dad Miller was Tiger Woods' home course. Despite all those years and all the play Dad Miller continues to get, it is still a heckuva course: flat, amazingly well-maintained and lined with mature trees that attract balls like magnets. As does the lake. And the many, many sand traps. But don't let those or the flippin' 614-yard par 5 freak you out. Dad Miller is otherwise on the short side, making it a great course to walk and on which to learn the gameā€”and the green fees are reasonable.

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