Alice Bag with Bad Cop Bad Cop, Rats in the Louvre

Alice Armendariz is best known as Alice Bag—she got her name and her fame as the uncompromising singer of the Bags, one of the best of L.A.’s late ‘70s Dangerhouse-era bands. But lately Bag has roared back into action with a new crew of musicians and some of her sharpest—or bluntest, depending on which style works best—work yet. Her almost-out Blueprint is her second solo album, and while lead single “77” sounds like a ’77 song, especially with the revved-up guitar solo, it’s really about the gender-based wage gap. Like her last album, Blueprint backs Bag with (even more than ever) punks of various generations, and the result is a zig-zag from punk to power-pop to the dance-y “Shame Game” and the urgent “White Justice.” It’s potent, political and—of course—never predictable.

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