15th Annual Elvis Festival

Elvis Presley wasn’t very complicated. Even though he read books of philosophy and poetry, for the most part, he was a simple, down-home boy with a gift for finding the truth in a song, and letting that truth flow through his body and out of his extraordinary windpipes. That simplicity, which translated into a force of nature, understandably charmed millions, and no matter how long he’s been gone, a new generation of fans is continually born. What better way to show your undying love for The King than hanging with hundreds of fellow devotees, wearing spandex jumpsuits and big hair, crooning rock tunes, and playing with pompadoured Mr. Potato Head dolls? Don’t ask. But if kitsch is your bag, and you really think you look like Elvis or Priscilla, or even Ann-Margret, then this Icon-Con will have you all shook up. Go show off your burning, burning love.

Sun., Aug. 24, 10 a.m., 2014

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