ZFuck? ZCafe Coming to South Coast Plaza

Your Stick-A-Fork bloggers are mostly jaded hard-core food writers with bad attitudes toward the PR machine that feeds us ceaseless torrents of eye-roll-inducing pap.

When we get fluffy press releases, it cheers our inner Daria's gloomy hearts.

“South Coast Plaza is pleased to announce ZCafe will join its  collection of award-winning restaurants with an anticipated debut mid-summer. The new fast-casual concept with a focus on fresh, healthy and locally-sourced  ingredients is a new concept by Sid  Fanarof, the founder of ZPizza.”

Odds are another ZMeh restaurant at South Coast: ZPizza, Z'Tejas, and now this.

“Offering amenities like complimentary wi-fi and phone charging stations will be  appreciated by guests. ZCafe, with fast casual and take out service, will serve appetizers, salads, sandwiches, soups, and pizza, as well as specialty desserts, organic coffee, tea, and wine  and beer. “

WiFi and charging stations? How very airport-waiting-room: a place where guests appreciate amenities like great food but seldom get any.

“It will be located at the west end of the Bridge of Gardens, level three, on the site  previously occupied by CPK ASAP.”

Let's hope it's a drastic improvement over the failed CPK ASAP's fast-casual take-out concept of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, soups, pizza, specialty desserts, coffee, tea, wine and beer.

But seriously: welcome to the neighborhood, ZCafe. We wouldn't tease you if we didn't love you. Ok, we would.

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