You've Got To Be Kidding!

Illustration by Bob AulTo the woman who refused to be seated next to our family: how dare you assume that dining next to a child will ruin your meal! We have gone to this restaurant for family gatherings on special occasions for nearly a decade. The restaurant has never said anything against bringing our baby. But you were out of line when you loudly proclaimed to the hostess that your party absolutely could not sit near “that,” meaning my well-behaved two-year-old. You pointed at her and bellowed she'd be “too distracting,” her behavior too “disruptive.” Madam, your outburst was more disruptive than my child during the two hours we dined. I hope the restaurant gave you the worst table in the house, the one right near their bustling kitchen, your party continually distracted by the staff. And I hope you're not there for our next family occasion, as we found your behavior too childish for our fine-dining experience.


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