'Youre a Grade A, Prime Choice, Asshole. That Is All'

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I have a comment on Steve Lowery's article about Nick Carter [“Diary of a Mad County,” July 8]. I'm sure all fans are aware of Nick's arrest for drinking and driving; the part I really disagreed with is where you put “Carter . . . works out a deal with Orange County prosecutors requiring him to undergo a three-month outpatient alcohol treatment program . . . The penalty angers many observers who were hoping for something more stringent, like the death penalty, and this is before they learned he'd been arrested for drunk driving.” As far as angering others with the court's decision, I mean, well, I can see where that would happen 'cause Nick is cute, rich and famous, but the death penalty?! Come on, people, are you guys crazy?! I mean, it is a sad, sad day to learn that people in this great country would actually put someone to death over a DUI.


You need to get counseling; wishing death on someone for making a mistake. Yes, it was a serious mistake, and, believe me, I don't advocate drinking and driving. It seems you made that remark only because you don't like the Backstreet Boys' music. Seems pretty juvenile to me.


Steve Lowery, I just wanted to let you know, you're a Grade A, Prime Choice, Asshole. That is all.


The South Orange County Democrats feel Comrade Schoenkopf has insulted us in the worst possible way by referring to us as “ancient” and “sweetling old folks” [Rebecca Schoenkopf's “Commie Girl,” July 8]. There's not a single one of us whose age is greater than George W. Bush's IQ or today's high temperature in Baghdad. Besides, we only lookelderly—we're prematurely grizzled by years spent registering voters, firing off pointed letters to our elected representatives, marching in demonstrations and living through too many Republican administrations. The outraged membership has authorized me to say this to Commie Girl on behalf of all the South Orange County Democrats: We own,beatch! Fo shizzle!


In regards to Gustavo Arellano's article “Brown, Out!” [June 24]. Please tell my young sheltered amigo, Gustavo, not to fret. It should only take our friends from south of the border five to 10 years to restore these barrios to their current run-down, dilapidated state.


I read with amusement Nick Schou's “Lords of Acid” [July 8], in which Schou chases the tale of the mysterious Laguna Beach Brotherhood from the '60s to the present until the article itself settles for its own enigmatic conclusion about just who the Brotherhood was. It was the nature of their enterprise and the times, I suppose, that resist chronicling. But two things related to the Brotherhood I'm sure of: one, the Christmas “love-in” of 1970 that materialized just off the Laguna Highway outside of town was indeed a three-day pageant equal, if not in scale, then in vibe, to the “Summer of Love.” But this was not the only bash the Brotherhood threw. From Laguna to the El Toro Canyons and up the Ortega Highway to as far as San Juan Campgrounds, the Brothers organized many other “spontaneous” concerts and truly off-the-wall happenings. And yes, those little Orange “barrels” were ever-present. The other thing I can corroborate is that Tim Leary was never regarded as anything but a peripheral figure to the brotherhood of the early '70s, even by his own admission. In 1983 I interviewed Tim for NPR at his Beverly Hills home (just an apartment off Wilshire Boulevard). He told me he never felt like an insider with the Brotherhood, and that it was more the “Family” that ran him out of Laguna than the law. I guess even back in the early '70s the prophet biz was a hard sell. Leary died penniless and out of print. But even that I suspect he is having a cosmic laugh over.


Just wanted to say thanks for Nick Schou's “Lords of Acid” story. I've never taken drugs, been to Laguna Beach maybe twice in my life, but once I started reading I couldn't stop. Absolutely great; can't wait for the movie.


Like the majority of Vietnamese American professionals who are mostly quiet regarding political matters, we don't always agree with the so-called Little Saigon leaders and their extremist activities [R. Scott Moxley's “Losers Again,” July 1]. As I understand there is a power struggle in Vietnam between the pro-Chinese extremists and the pro-American moderates such as Phan Van Khai. We would want to support Phan in order to bring Vietnam closer to American influence. But some stupid activists don't see any difference. If we raise our voice, they will say that we are pro-communist, that's how dumb their thinking is.

Victor Nguyen
Via e-mail

What a great paper! Seriously, no patronizing bullshit on my part. You guys are a great read. Steve Lowery just drips with sweet “in your face sarcastic goodness.” Being a Libertarian, I really enjoy anyone breaking down the barriers of the government and social norms. In fact, the other day a guy asked me, “So you think it's okay to sell crack out of vending machines on public roads?” I responded, “Public roads? What are you talking about, 'public roads'!” Anyway, keep up the good work.


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