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Have you been feeling the excitement that makes someone want to do everything but get in the water? That's right chums, it's the most wonderful time of the year as Shark Week is upon us! For seven days, the fins fly high and the teeth regenerate as the Discovery Channel brings us the finest in shark-related programming. We at the Weekly are joining in the cartilage-breaking fun by bringing you this collection of Shark Jamz to enjoy through all seven nights of exciting biting action! Here is our official Shark Week playlist!


Mark Simon – “Theme From Street Sharks”
Since Shark Week began in 1987, it's filled the much needed void of shark-centric programming that had been largely missing from our TV sets for far too long. One memorable example of an additional shark series was the classic syndicated '90s kids cartoon show “Street Sharks!” It was a rare cult classic that became a hit with kids and adults alike. It helped that the second season of “Street Sharks” was opened with a pun-heavy theme that wouldn't sound out of place at a shark-themed Burning Man. It's totally “Jawsome.”

360 – “Hammerhead” 2011
Australian MC 360 first made a name for himself internationally by cutting his teeth in the MC battle scene, so it's fitting that one of his hardest hitting songs is called “Hammerhead.” The aggressive flows and tenacious production are so savage, however, that we suggest weaker listeners enjoy from the safety of a diver's cage.


Roc Marciano – “Jaws” 2011
One of the most exciting forces in east coast hip-hop at the moment is Roc Marciano. Between his critically acclaimed Marcberg and Reloaded albums, he was featured on a series of singles that continued his unstoppable momentum, a fan favorite of which was “Jaws.” Channeling John Williams' iconic Jaws theme, Marciano proves why he's the rap game Megalodon.

Jimmy Buffet – “Fins” 1979
One of Mr. Margaritaville's signature hits, Jimmy Buffet's “Fins” tells the tale of being a fish out of water in situations where the sharks may circle. While, yes, the song primarily uses sharks as a metaphor for the predatory nature of man, we at the Weekly prefer to imagine a surreal world where Shark have taken to land and, instead to using this newfound skill to dominate the world, waste their gift on frequenting dive bars in Florida and hitting on new small town residences.


LL Cool J – “Deepest Bluest” 1999
You either clicked on this list looking forward to hearing “Deepest Bluest” again, OR you have no idea what this is an are now in the enviable position of getting to witness its majesty for the first time. In 1999, LL Cool J starred in the motion picture Deep Blue Sea about sharks who cause havoc after becoming super intelligent when being used in experiments for Alzheimer's research. Cool J contributed a song to the soundtrack where he RAPPED FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A GENETICALLY MODIFIED SHARK! This is precisely why LL Cool J needs to be in more movies.

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