OC Food Movers And Shakers: These Are the OC Restaurants That’ll Be at Coachella

Consider this a public service announcement for the holiday weekend. Big things are happening, and we’re ready to start talking. Shout out to our network of chefs and restaurateurs for making us privy to your tasty whereabouts. And away we go. . . .

Five Crowns/SideDoor Chef heads to Dana Point!

We knew the day would come when Chef Steve Kling would be ready to move on. This weekend will be his final one in Corona del Mar, but don’t you worry— he’s jumping right into his next kitchen. If learning about the departure of Chef Mike Doctulero from Waterman’s Harbor was a bummer, then the arrival of Chef Kling helped ease the pain. Per Steve, “I’ll miss my Five Crowns and SideDoor friends and colleagues, but I’m equally excited to be working with beautiful, pristine seafood at Waterman’s Harbor. It’s the kind of thing I really love to eat and work with.” Chef’s first shift is next week.

Milk Box, Pig Pen and more at Coachella!

Okay, so this is more of a friendly reminder of OC representation in Indio this weekend and next. Milk Box made their big announcement last week, and can be found pouring refreshment at the Boardwalk. Also in the dining lineup: Pig Pen Delicacy, Afters Ice Cream and upcoming TRADE (the soon-to-open Irvine food hall) tenant, Sweet Combforts. And no, that wasn’t a typo. Be sure to pack a bandana and allergy meds; it can get pretty dusty.

Diamond Jamboree’s next tenant will be ?

When Guppy House in Irvine shut their doors for the last time in February, we only noticed after parking got a tad easier in the lot. We aren’t at full liberty to disclose the name moving in (yet), but we were assured of one thing: Truffle Xiao Long Bao. It isn’t Din Tai Fung, either. Oh man— soup dumplings for days!

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