Your Letters About Haidl, 2004

We're divided about a lot of things in this country: Bush vs. Kerry. Open borders vs. closed. Pro choice vs. no choice. But there's one thing most people agree on: Greg Haidl is an asshole. . . . I am an 18-year-old high school senior. I read OC Weekly every week and have been following the events of the Haidl trial. When I read your last story, I literally threw up because of the inhumane acts. . . . What I just read tonight is the worst thing I have ever read about, and I hope the worst thing I will ever read about. . . . When I read the description of the sexual torture inflicted on Jane Doe by Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann, my body reacted violently. . . . If this were done by Iraqi soldiers to one of our servicewomen overseas, we'd be screaming to spill their blood. . . . I hope Haidl defense lawyer Joseph Cavallo has a daughter, say about 16, who meets up with a bunch of “nice kids” like the Haidl gang. You know, kids being what they are, it just might happen. I bet Daddy Haidl, along with our elitist sheriff, would soon round up a posse and bring those rapists to trial. And with a little luck, they'd get a lawyer like Cavallo. . . . Gregory Haidl's crew of jerks—and his dad—deserve all the vitriol being sent their way by Weekly writers and readers, but why so much hate for the lawyers?. . . If I ever gave birth to a child in the likes of the three involved in the Haidl case, I hope I'd be put out of my misery. . . . I am happy Scandinavia has moved somewhat above this level. . . . Only spoiled little monsters whose families are politically connected get the chances Greg Haidl has gotten so far. Maybe he and Darryl Gates' son can share a cell. . . . Keep the heat on that piece of shit Haidl . . . Will Jane Doe be able to have children after what these criminals did to her cervix and perhaps uterus with that pool cue? Haidl's father says his son can't sleep and has considered suicide. Does Mr. Haidl think Jane Doe can sleep? Does he care? . . . Why, then, are more people not screaming on behalf of Jane Doe? If Mr. [Don] Haidl had a daughter and she were the corpse-like victim in this case, he wouldn't be saying, “Well, I hope their family has dealt with it.” He is a disgrace to the OC Sheriff's Department. . . . I, like most of my friends, felt physically ill when I read about what transpired on the video of the alleged Haidl gang rape. . . . I hope Jane Doe knows she has a lot of people on her side. I don't care how many boys she had slept with before or how she styles her pubic hair. She did not deserve the abhorrent, inhuman abuse that she got. . . . It seems to me that defense attorney Joe Cavallo and his conduct mentioned in your article are the clearest impending signs of the fall of western civilization. . . . I am a 21-year-old college student from Michigan, and I read your articles on the Haidl rape trial on the Internet, and I'm nauseated by what I read. . . . I can tell you that even in Mississippi, people are shocked at the antics of defense attorney Cavallo. . . . I have serious hope that these useless beings will go to prison, where they will get theirs. I doubt Snapple is given out to inmates, but I encourage them to find something comparable. As for the parents of these creatures, you make my decision not to have children the right one. Let the videotape play on repeat in your heads for the rest of your pathetic lives. . . . Jurors let creeps like these get away with rape, and then have the audacity to wonder why so many victims of rape would rather keep a rape to themselves than trust our justice system. . . . Score one for the overprivileged, detestable embarrassment to society embodied by the Haidl camp. After returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom, I thought I had seen incompetence at its peak when dealing with a culture so confused it couldn't find its ass with both hands. Little did I know I would return home and find our own justice system had finally climbed to the summit of Mount Stupid. . . . It's good to know that some universal constants still exist: shit will still stick to a blanket, crack still kills, and money will still buy the freedom of those who deserve it least. If “Hope” wasn't tattooed on my leg, I think I'd lose it. . . . What Greg really deserves is the same treatment he gave Jane Doe. He can see how easy it is to pretend to be unconscious while getting several items shoved into all of his orifices. That would truly be justice—well, at least it would be something. . . . God, the Haidls must HATE you.

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