You Know How to Pizza? Some of OC’s Best Chefs Want YOU to Throwdown!

In October, we broke the news of the upcoming Centro Collective, a dual concept by Brent Omeste and Chad Urata in Lake Forest. Well, now there’s a update— among other things.

The nearly complete location is found at 24531 Trabuco Road, Suites E and F. One side will focus on tacos, while the other will specialize in pizza. Expect an opening in the next month. But until then, here are the words of Brent,

 “Chad and I are looking to establish a team of young, dedicated artisans to help us take down two masters of their craft, Dean Kim and Sandro Nardone, in a New School vs. Old School giant pizza throwdown! Help us spread the word. We want cooks of all levels. This is going to be fun!”

There is apparently a side bet being thrown down by OC Baking Company’s Dean Kim to Omeste. He’s proposing that the losing team captain (or is it the entire team?) shaves their head. Brent has yet to accept. Tentative date for this Battle: Pizza is for Sunday, January 29 over at OC Baking Company’s new location in Orange. Those interested in joining the New School team of Brent and Chad may email co*****@ce**************.com.

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