You Can Buy Backstage Access to Odd Future's First-Ever OC Show

We can't believe the punks of Odd Future have never performed in punk mecca Orange County before. After all, they've been sued for hitting photographers in the pit, arrested for leaping on a venue's soundboard and damn near incited riots in every audience they rock. Sounds like our kinda shit, right?

Well, they finally figured out how at home they'd be down here — they just announced their first-ever OC performance. The weird part? You can buy backstage access.


But how many kids have 300 bucks at their disposal?

That's what backstage access will set you back for the Friday, June 15 show at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. It does include VIP pit access, a t-shirt, “quick entry” and free drinks — but what kind of drinks? The show's 18 & over. Orange juice?

Other options are available, and general admission tickets start at just $25. Two stages are scheduled, one hip hop and the other EDM (headliners haven't been announced yet). Plus, they promise art installations and photo booths.

Still, ringleader Tyler's Twitter-documented irritation at being disturbed in the middle of eating or skating or … anything makes us wonder just how happy fans hoping to hang out with dude will be with what their money got them. And for a one-night-only show to cost as much as an entire weekend of Coachella — well, whatever happened to sneaking backstage?

Whatever, those all-access passes are probably already sold out. But hey, if not, ask your parents for an advance on your summer school allowance. 'Cause a backstage full of thirtysomething dudes drinking beer sounds creepy.

Go here to purchase tickets for Odd Future's show Friday, June 15.

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