Yogurtland/Candy Crush Collaboration Means Sweet Treats

Two great things that mesh well together include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and meatballs plus spaghetti. The awesome pairings continue this week, as a fro-yo giant joins forces with the app that won't stop sending us game requests. Yogurtland finds the gamer in all of us, encouraging eaters to play with their food to the theme of Candy Crush.


Imagine tastes of Candy Clouds, mimicking fluffy cotton delights, plus teeny maple donut toppers. Also spotted: blue Swedish fish and salted caramel gelato, straight outta The Caramel Cove. Our preferred citrus twist blends Orange Pop Soda (fortified like a Flintstone chewable with Vitamin C) with tartly sweet Lemonade Lake. Two new flavors are scheduled every two weeks through the end of August.

Get your Crush on by learning more on Yogurtland's website. Oh, and did we mention the collectible cups and spoons? Prepare for more requests.

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