Yo Majesty N Does It Offend You, Yeah? at the Glass House Tonight

Floridian lesbian-rap trio Yo Majesty and UK electro agitators Does It Offend You, Yeah? invade Pomona tonight to wreak havoc on the beleaguered soul who changes the marquee at the Glass House.

DIOY,Y? (you have no idea how fun it is to type that) produce strident, rhythmically punchy numbers with loads of yobbish attitude (think of the blokes in Snatch). Their debut album, You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into (Almost Gold), isn't as rough and rugged as the band would like you to think, but it does provide some fleeting adrenalized thrills, a few memorable choons, and some wicked cowbell clatter in “We Are Rockstars” (that famous British irony at work). It'll be interesting to see the reaction of the headliners if DIOY,Y? perform “Attack of the 60 Ft. Lesbian Octopus.”

YM peddle brash party rap that mostly thinks below the belt. “Lo Riders in Hydraulics” lifts the main synth motif from Kraftwerk's “It's More Fun to Compute” and it's all in good fun, until somebody huffs too much gas. “Fucked Up” sounds like it samples a warped guitar riff from Pussy Galore (makes sense, if you're lezzies, right?) as it outlines a scarily obsessive relationship. “Kryptonite Pussy” rides that ubiquitous Baltimore club rhythm (boom/kick, shuffle shuffle/snare) to wax horny about the titular subject. YM are the opposite of most rap, which is often features straight males behaving vilely in their lyrics. With YM, it's gay ladies behaving vilely in their lyrics, and that's refreshing, if only for its novelty.

Presented by Indie 103 FM, the show also features Technology and Closed Heart Surgery. Doors at 7 p.m. $13.00 ADV, $15.00 DOS.

Yo Majesty's “Club Action”

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