Yesterday's Best Music April Fools' Gags

Yesterday was Mother's Day. APRIL FOOLS! That's right, yesterday was April Fools' Day, the one day of the year everybody puts on their trickster pants and practices their best “got'cha” moments for swerves that will be remembered for years to come. But while most of our friends went for the classic “we're engaged!” or “we're pregnant!” or “we're back: a dinosaur story!,” many in the music industry opted instead to have some surprise jokes of their own, many of which we wish were real. Here's Music's Best April Fools' Gags: 2015.


Miller Theater Series Announces Canine Composers
The Miller Theater at the Columbia University School of the Arts has always been one for cutting edge, innovative content that pushes the boundaries and creates new audiences, so it's about time inter-species music has been implemented. The clip for their Canine Composers series combine our two favorite things to find on the internet: new music and puppies.

Mega Ran's AZ Dis Track
Arizona rapper Mega Ran has been one of the hardest working MCs on the indie rap circuit for quite a few years now. As a result, his fanbase has grown exponentially with an army of listeners who unquestionably have his back. Of course, it's good to have a posse like that when you drop a dis track that you promote as a scathing career ender for the MC opposition in your home town. You will not believe where this one goes.

Voss' Return to Battling
There's certain things that will make even the most jaded rap battle fan's heart go all aflutter. The biggest two are either a dream match finally happening between two stellar MCs or a retired great stepping back into the ring. Philly favorite and 106 and Park Freestyle Fridays Champion Voss teased us with both yesterday when he announced he was stepping into the ring to face one of today's stand-out talents, Rone. While previous April Fools Days have seen other retired greats throw out a joking one-liner or so, Voss went as far as to get his alleged opponent Rone on board, as well as timing and language that believably invoked battle league Don't Flop to make the Fool seem all the more real.

DJ Premier and Nas Release First Single from New Album
The rumors of an entirely DJ Premier-produced Nas album, titled NASDAQ: Dow Jones, have been around for over a decade. Both Nas and Premier have mentioned it in interviews, but once the Premier beats rumored for Nas appeared on a Christina Aguliera album, that chatter became a lot more sporadic. In a Facebook-only hoax, the story of a Premier/Nas single finally dropping appeared on hip-hop fans feeds, but clicking on it lead to an April Fools note with tips on how to treat sagging skin.

MF Doom and Flying Lotus Announce Collaborative Album
“Masquatch,” the Flying Lotus/MF Doom collaboration is enough of an infectious listen to make any and everybody who hears it want more by any means necessary. This hypnotizing groove inspired the lovable scamps at Fact Magazine to “break” the story of MF Doom and Flying Lotus releasing a full collaborative album, complete with hilariously believable tracklisting. Okayplayer and a few other blogs picked the story up until Fact announced on Twitter it was an April Fool. While the album isn't real, this MVGEN music video of the track is enough to get us through the night.

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