Yes, Brea: Your Founding Fathers Were Mostly KKK Members. Get Over It

It’s rare I bother to respond to reader attacks on my stories, because anyone who attacks my stories are obviously pathetic losers. But I’m making an exception for the residents of Brea who have taken MAJOR exception to my piece last Friday revealing that an 8th grader told a black classmate after Trump’s victory to “Go back to Africa where you belong.”

Good people in the city have responded with disgust and bombarded the Brea Olinda Unified School District with calls demanding action. But what has set off Brean babosos the most was when I mentioned that a majority of the city’s councilmembers in the 1920s were Ku Klux Klan members. On various NextDoor pages in Brea, losers are apparently (I haven’t read them myself, because NextDoor is the domain of racists and NIMBYers) claiming I have no proof of my KKK assertion, and there’s no way on Earth the Laguna Niguel of North County could possibly have a racist past. Good people, in turn, have asked me where’s the evidence of my klukker assertions so they can shut up the haters and even pressure school board members to change the name of William F. Fanning Elementary, named after a prominent educator in the city…who was Klan.


First off, this fiasco shows that no one in Brea reads the Weekly, which is a damn shame. See, I showed FIVE YEARS AGO how Brea was over-represented in the Orange County Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s, and that un chingo of city fathers were members of the Invisible Empire. It was part of my award-winning “OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members” series, based on the official, verified membership roll of the OC KKK during that time. How do I know that it’s real? Because it’s on file at the Anaheim History Room, and it’s the same list that former OC District Attorney Alexander Peter Nelson used to destroy the local Klan—just like I wrote in my 2012 cover story that no one in Brea obviously read. And, no: I won’t share the KKK membership list with you—go get it from the Anaheim History Room, you lazy cucks.

So below is just a partial list of Brea city fathers who were Klan members. And before the excuses start rolling in: The KKK of the 1920s was the same KKK of Reconstruction—and if you don’t believe it, refry the loyalty oath they had to sign.


Emil Carlson, Brea Mayor/Fire Chief, Namesake of Street

Dr. Walter W. Davis, Health Officer for Brea

Oswald Richard Meissner, Brea Councilmember

Oliver N. Thornton, Brea postmaster

George Bird and E.P. Rudy, Brea Constable and Marshal

Harry Winchell, Brea’s First City Marshal

Charles E. Smith, Brea Justice of the Peace

William A. Culp, Brea Schools Board of Trustees President

Charles C. Kinsler, Brea Fire Chief/Clerk/School Board Member/Pioneer

George W. Cullen, Brea Schools Clerk

Forrest Hurst and Ben Blanchard, Brea Councilmembers

Harry E. Becker, Mayor of Brea

Earl Sechrist, Brea ministers

William E. Fanning, Brea Schools Pioneer, Namesake of Fanning Elementary

Charles McClure, Brea’s First Police Chief

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