Yellow Red Sparks on Balcony TV in Mexico City

Josh Hanson of local OC folk band Yellow Red Sparks traveled to Mexico City last month with guitar in hand to take in the happenings of the Vive Latino Festival. While there, the singer-songwriter was able to perform his music at a few select appearances including a taping for Balcony TV released on Saturday. The concept of the website that boasts over 15 million views is simple: take musicians, interview and film them playing on balconies overlooking the skylines of several cities from Toronto to Auckland.


The episode featuring Hanson in D.F. started off with an introduction by the host in Spanish before turning into a coyish exchange playfully being lost in translation with shared laughs. The host switched to English for much of the rest of the way as Hanson then played the Yellow Red Sparks' song “My Machine Gun” with a mixture of the colonial and modern architecture of the major metropolis as the balcony backdrop. After the performance, he declared his love for Mexico City and its people before plugging websites for the band for new fans to look up online.

For all the Yellow Red Sparks fans out there, here's another bonus video of Josh Hanson live in Mexico City. The musician played an impromptu performance on the grounds of the Vive Latino Festival for the charitable organization Rock & Love. Check it out!

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