WTF Collaboration of the Day: Bieber With “Beater”

According to,  perennially pre-pubescent R&B twink Justin Bieber will be collaborating with admitted girlfriend-beater Chris Brown on an upcoming tune. Brown, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to felony assault of then girlfriend singer Rihanna, tweeted today: ME and @justinbieber got a BANGER/SMASH record for all the fans out there at the top of the NEW YEAR!!! 2011 #BREEZYTAKEOVER 

These two performers hardly need an introduction.
Justin Bieber is a teen heart throb who's feminine good looks could
find him mistaken for Ellen Page's younger sister. His single “Baby,” a
bonified iTunes juggernaut, is certified Multi-Platinum.

Brown is an R&B artist who sports some of the smoothest, most
striking dance moves to be seen since the heyday of Michael Jackson, or
at least Usher.

But Brown will likely be known for the rest of his life
and beyond the grave as the guy who bit and punched Rihanna unleashing
images of the beautiful songstress with a swollen, lumpy face.

Begging the Question?

is the impetus for this collaboration? Is it possible Usher has teamed
up with the “Bieb,” in an attempt to soften and salvage his tarnished
reputation? Is the the Bieberman in turn looking to up the ante and
carve a sharper edge into his squeaky clean demanor? Who knows? 

Bieber should relax and enjoy being a pre-teen heart throb for now.
Soon enough, barring any sort of chronic hormone deficiency, his balls
will drop, he'll grow facial hair and he'll be able to show the world
he's a man–without the help of an admitted felon.

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