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Fans celebrating Mexico’s victory over Korea on Saturday at C4











What’s up Weekly fans! We know you saw our list of the 14 Bars Where You Should Watch the 2018 World Cup for last Saturday’s Mexico v. Korea match. If you didn’t, we suggest you check it out now.

Want to know where to watch Wednesday’s match? We got you. Here’s a follow-up list of which bars will be open early tomorrow morning for the Mexico v. Sweden game, and a preview of the match.

For those of you who don’t know, Mexico–“El Tri”– is currently leading Group F in the Cup, with a 2-0-0 record and 6 points. Thanks to their outstanding 1-0 victory over the previous champions from Germany, and 2-1 victory over Korea, Mexico seems poised to advance to the 2018 Knockout Stage. Although Mexico has qualified for The Cup 15 times, they’ve never brought the trophy home.

Will 2018 be the year?! 

Mexico will advance if they beat Sweden by just one point on Wednesday.

Sweden, however, still has victory well within its reach.

Although Sweden was beaten 2-1 by Germany on a late game goal on Saturday, Sweden can still advance if they beat Mexico. Sweden’s coach, Janne Andersson, told reporters that his team will be ready to topple Mexico.

“We had a very good performance against Germany and deserve great respect for that. We know that Mexico are a very good team,” Andersson said. “They are fast and technically gifted. We respect them as opponents. We are not going to be surprised by them. We know they are good team. We are ready to play them and we are looking forward to the challenge.”

Mexico’s coach, Juan Carlos Osorio, isn’t dismayed by the possibility of being knocked out. Osorio told reporters, “That might be a factor but it’s not the most important thing. That will not have an impact on our style of play and our strategy.”

The performance of Mexico’s Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, is definitely responsible for the squad’s success. His goal last Saturday against Korea marked his 50th goal for El Tri, and made him only the third Mexican player to score in 3 consecutive World Cups. Saturdays goal also placed Chicharito atop the list of Mexico’s all-time leading marksmen.

Still, Wednesday’s game against Sweden at 7AM will be crucial. A Swedish victory will knock Mexico out of the bracket.

Mexico needs your support, and here’s some of the best places to support Mexico.

Mexico fans in C4, upset at a missed goal

C4 Cure for the Common

C4 is a great spot to watch some futbol, and grab an early morning beer (aka. breakfast) on Wednesday. J.J., C4’s owner, is a World Cup fanatic, and will be opening his doors at 6:30 for the Mexico game. If you can’t stomach beer before 8 AM, or are otherwise a coward, we suggest C4’s breakfast burrito. This mighty burrito comes loaded with eggs, potatoes, C4’s homemade salsa, and your choice of bacon or pastrami. 200 N Broadway, Santa Ana, (714) 263-1555.

Fans celebrating and singing in Lola Gaspar after Mexico’s second goal against Korea

Lola Gaspar

Located literally right across the street from C4 in Downtown Santa Ana, Lola Gaspar is perfect for those who’d rather wash down Mexico’s victory with a liter of sangria. This Spanish bar is perfect for fans of awkward European measurements, and great sports. Lola’s owners are avid fans of the World Cup, and were more than welcoming to the Weekly on Saturday. Also, our PotPlus contributor Jefferson VanBilliard may be found bartending at Lola Gaspar. 211 W 2nd St, Santa Ana, (714) 972-1172.

The Olde Ship

The Olde Ship

If you’re in the market for some bubble-guts from an English fry-up, a pint of Guinness, and a great spot to see Mexico slaughter the Swedes, The Olde Ship is your spot. People say that the Britt’s have the worst food, but that’s simply not true. The breakfast at the Olde Ship is notoriously good, and the drinks have been awarded by the Weekly. Like we mentioned in our previous article, The Olde Ship is one of the best World Cup bars in the county. They’ll be playing every match for the 2018 Cup. Don’t believe us? Check their website1120 W. 17th St., Santa Ana, (714) 550-6700.

The Harp Inn

The Harp Inn

The Harp Inn brings all the scenery of an Irish bar to Costa Mesa. They’ll be open early for Wednesday’s match ready to serve up plates of eggs, bacon, and potatoes to you hungry futbol fans. It’s been said that you’ve never lived till you’ve had a drink with a real Irishman. If you need to find one, they’re typically found at the foot of a rainbow guarding a pot of Jameson in a bar like the Harp Inn. For a full list of what games the Harp will be playing, check their website130 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, (949) 646-8855.

Mexico fan leaving Lola Gaspar. His jacket says Mexico is the Shit, and we agree. Viva El Tri!

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