Words From Wayne Coyne's Lips

We want some of the Kool-Aid Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne is drinking with his 20-something-year-old girlfriend and their BFF Miley Cyrus! Haters can spread the mid-life crisis jokes, but we're glad Coyne has found his muses.

“[Miley Cyrus] just goes a million miles an hour and doesn't have much insecurity about it. She has no filter, no limits…” Coyne told Billboard. “Because she influences the way I sing and then I influence the way she sings, we're either ruining each other or helping each other (laughs).”

A dozen pieces of Coyne's artwork will be included in the “The Big Hope Show” exhibit at Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum on October 3. The exhibit features artwork from several artists who survived personal traumas. This marks the first museum showing of Coyne's artwork, according to a press release from The Flaming Lips' label, Warner Bros. Records.

Here's what the eccentric, psychedelic frontman has said about art and creative expressionism. Quotation above via stereogum.com.


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–via consequenceofsound.net
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