Wolf Alice On Breaking Into The Industry

There is a new surge of young bands with successful EPs, purposefully blasé publicity photos and normcore music videos who are scoring big with an online presence, but one thing sets Wolf Alice apart: lead singer Ellie Rowsell's soft, innocuous vocals that seem to float above the band's rock riffs.

A warm homecoming awaits the London-based band who is currently selling out shows across the UK. Wolf Alice caught our attention earlier this year with their grunge-pop-rock single “Moaning Lisa Smile,” and we cry a little bit inside whenever the band combats being labeled 'grunge' (as if that's a bad thing) to emphasize their music isn't all 'angst-ridden'.

“We're not all heavy, but we're not all quiet,” lead singer Ellie Rowsell told MinimalTalks.

The band genuinely doesn't know how to label themselves–they're somewhere between folk and grunge–and matching a specific genre isn't important since they're finding success regardless. In fact, it's hard to believe Wolf Alice, a band with nearly 30,000 twitter followers and a laundry list of hard-to-book festival gigs, hasn't released a debut album yet.

“Good bands like this don't happen much,” YouTube user Jolly Infidel posted in the comment section for the band's Glastonbury 2014 set. “I can't even remember the last time I seen a English chick doing this sorta stuff.”

You can catch Wolf Alice on May 16 at Soda Bar in San Diego or May 18 at The Roxy in L.A. Their debut album, My Love Is Cool, drops June 23.

Here's what Wolf Alice band members have said about their slow climb to success. Quotation above via digitalspy.co.uk.


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