White Trash Jesus Faces Crucifixion for Holy Fire Today

Forrest Gordon Clark: patsy? (Mugshot courtesy Orange County Sheriff’s Department; Buddy Christ courtesy of View Askew Productions)

A Trabuco Canyon resident who last week allegedly threatened “this place will burn” is scheduled to appear in court today on charges of igniting the Holy Fire that started there Monday and has so far destroyed 14 structures, forced evacuations of schools and neighborhoods and burned 6,200 acres of land in Orange and Riverside counties.

It remained only 5 percent contained as of early this morning.

Forrest Gordon Clark was arrested in his camo underwear Tuesday on suspicion of two counts of felony arson, one felony count of threat to terrorize and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. The 51-year-old was being held on $1 million bail pending his arraignment in Orange County Superior Court today.

This just in from the Orange County District Attorney’s office: “Clark was charged and is scheduled to be arraigned today for one felony count each of aggravated arson of five or more inhabited structures, arson of inhabited property, arson of forest, criminal threats, two felony counts of resisting and deterring an executive officer, and a sentencing enhancement for arson burning multiple structures. The maximum sentence is life in state prison.”

Before Clark’s inevitable crucifixion, it is important to know that this has all the makings of a classic blame-a-patsy conspiracy. It began with the location where the fire started–Holy Jim Canyon–being shortened to “Holy Fire” for easier consumption by the media, hashtag creators and religious fundamentalists hellbent on blaming the massive blaze on God’s wrath over California loving “dem gays.”

One wag even offers the name should be changed to “Holy Hell.”

Clark, who says he was asleep at the time of the fire (just like the rest of you sheeple), is obviously a patsy because he is a Trumper well versed in the shadowy machinations of the Rothschilds, child sex traders and other lizard people occupying high government posts, most especially those with last names rhyming with “Flinton” and “Yobama.”

For instance, Clark has bravely shared via social media such videos as “George Soros Tried to Ban This Video,” “Trump Prophecy: Third Temple Is Now Real” and the classic “Over 50,000 Sealed Indictments Joe Biden & Other High Level VIPs Set for Gitmo.”

He has also bravely exposed the deep state’s druggy methods of mind control over the citizenry, most recently in a July 18 Facebook post that reads:

NOTICE. Someone stole a Legal Case from my cabin … Highly unlikely that anyone would steal it, unless you r involved w/ thia drug dealer. [NAMES] lied to their Attorney. Attorney dropped suit due to FALSE STATEMENTS! Attorney said he would glad to be co-counsel in a LAW SUIT against [NAMES.] [NAME 1] hangs out gang members on weekends, stays up all night, runs his 2 stroke water pump all day & night.

[NAME 2]’s teeth are all rotted out from [NAME 1]’s Speed. There are (7) eye witnesses that are eager to testify. (2) people from Holy Jim went to the E.R. after snorting [NAME 1]’s METH. I have smelled Eather & other chemicals while they r COOKING, than [NAME 1] sells SPEED/METH/CRANK… In HOLY Jim Canyon. … 1 time this guy was yelling ‘[NAME 1] what the F? Wheres my s***! Hay do u know where [NAME 1] is? Me ‘ I that guys a jerk, dont know.’ Than I heard glass break, & after a few mins the big guy gang mamber, left. I looked around there was a broken window & blood. I told the HJ fire cheif, pretty sure he called the cops…”

No wonder they are now trying to silence Clark. How? By starting a devastating fire in media-rich Southern California and blaming it on a sun-slathered, fire-zone resident with “issues,” a “history of battling mental illness” and the only cabin left standing among a dozen that burned to the ground. Tres convenient, no?

The “he has issues” thread began with volunteer fire chief Mike Milligan, the same Mike Milligan who alleged Clark ran screaming through his community last week and later wrote in an email to him that Holy Jim would burn.

The “crazy” was then amplified by one-world mouthpiece the Orange County Register, which reported that the arson suspect has the same name and birthdate as a man involuntarily held at a treatment center for mental illness in 1996 and slapped with a temporary restraining order by his mother in 2012.

Issues? (Mugshot courtesy of Orange County Sheriff’s Department)

The hits keep coming. During a Wednesday afternoon briefing, Orange County Fire Authority Battalion Chief Shane Sherwood “confirmed” the fire began “around and near” Clark’s Holy Jim Canyon cabin on Monday and further alleged “physical findings” at the scene pointed directly to the arrestee. One can imagine the supposedly discarded/easily found Kingsford lighter fluid container, wiped clean of prints.

Clark could be wiped out forever. Even if he survives an Orange County Jail stay (a big “if” these days), he could spend the rest of his life in prison if the district attorney’s office wins a conviction (a big “inevitability” these days). And he would find no relief even if that office changes leaders, as OCDA candidate and current Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer says Clark “is a monster” who “needs to suffer the fullest punishment of the law.”

Gads, they’ve even got to Supe Spitz, who asks, “Who would go out with low humidity and high winds and the highest heat temperatures this time of the year and intentionally set the forest on fire?”

Who indeed.

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