White Castle Luxe Lonchera At San Diego Foodie Fest This Weekend!

San Diego may be out of our writing jurisdiction, but if that's the closest distance between us and the tastiest fast food sliders in the country, consider it next door! The first time we vacationed in NYC, our very first stop was a White Castle. We couldn't put our finger on what it was exactly, but that meal was one of the most memorable ones of our trip.

Formerly known as the Las Vegas Foodie Fest, the Great American Foodie Fest “Eat like a king. Party like a rock star” continues its tour to San Diego this Friday through Sunday over at Qualcomm Stadium. Promoters are promising over 50 of the best loncheras descending from around the country. Live entertainment, eating contests, a beer garden and even carnival rides are expected. Yet you are reading this post for one reason.


Yes, we recognize our Filipino friends at White Rabbit. There's also former interview subject Crepes Bonaparte. Heck, we'll even check out the Currywurst Truck. Yet the headliner for this festival is one badass castle in white. We recently read their new 24-hour, Las Vegas brick-and-mortar was so successful opening day, they had to shut down temporarily just to restock! Crazy.

A single day pass is still being sold for $8, while a multi day is advertised at $13. On the day of the event, those prices will go up in price to $10 and $15, respectively (and cash only!). For more information and to purchase tickets, you can learn more over here. Remember, comfortable shoes and sunscreen are your friend.

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